Ways to Lose Weight: A Failed Dieter Finds Answers She Craves

By: Rowena French

I searched for a solution to my see-sawing weight and poor shape for most of my adolescence and early adulthood. I know I'm not alone and that at some stage most of us want to find ways to lose weight and become fitter. When I realized that most popular diets and exercise programs did not help me over the long term, I decided to approach this from another angle.

Like me, see if following diets and joining gyms have failed to bring about any permanent change when you check yourself in the bathroom mirror. I was shocked with what I saw when I did, but this drove me to find a way to lose my unwanted body fat and keep this weight off. Interestingly the secret I discovered is a simple one but it is often overlooked by others.

The thing about weight gain is that it happens gradually, without us feeling it or even realizing it. Before we know it, we have become over weight or even obese and lack the energy we need. To reclaim our healthy body, lose our extra flab and keep weight off, we need to alter the daily behavior that caused this in the first place.

We can make small changes to the nutrition in our diet, our exercise and our lifestyle and then keep adding more changes to these. These will all become successful ways to lose weight. Eating, exercise and lifestyle behaviours that have been the source of our weight-gain can be permanently reversed as we reclaim our body shape and fitness.

If you make many changes that overwhelm you soon after you start, you are unlikely to alter the way you eat and exercise permanently. Start by making small adjustments to what you eat. To lose and then keep weight off consistently, remove some un-healthy foods and replace them with items that are good for you.

Balancing both your food intake and your daily exercise is an important way to reduce your weight and avoid obesity. If what you eat and how much you exercise is out of balance, you WILL gain weight. Take a good look at the kind of food you eat and see how well you work this off through exercise.

Begin an exercise routine and discover that taking a regular early morning swim or walk can be one of many ways to lose weight. Choose ways to increase your metabolism from a range of easily accessible exercises. When you decide on this, make sure to gradually work towards a target that you will be able to reach.

Always have a starting point against which you can measure your weight loss and changes to your body shape. Check and record this when you begin your program. Measuring body parts like your chest or hips provides other ways to see changes in your body shape even when your weight loss slows for a time.

Reward yourself for losing pounds and your ability to keep weight off with a treat containing fewer calories than eating chocolate or ice cream. Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes or CD instead. It is amazing how shopping expeditions can become important ways to lose weight.

You can lose weight, keep it off and feel healthier without embarking on the latest fad diet or exercise regime. Instead, take a look at what you presently eat and how you exercise and gradually begin to change each of these so that you use more energy than you gain through your daily meals. These ways to lose weight are far simpler and more successful in the long run - I know!

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