Ways To Make Your Own Subliminal Messages

By: Trevor Johnson

You can make your own subliminal messages easily at home by using your computer and subliminal software. You can create subliminal messages on several different types of media including cds, mp3's, tapes and more. The message will be embedded into the music, sound or flash on the screen so that you do not notice it but your subconscious does.
Subliminal messages work by transmitting directly to your subconscious. Your subconscious will directly take up these messages and you will follow them. The only time your subconscious does not is when you are going to do something that harms yourself. Other wise your subconscious is very literal.
As long as you are creating subliminal messages for personal use and not to be use don other individuals then you are not breaking any laws. To create your own subliminal messages it is important that the message is always very positive. You want to get your subconscious to do something, telling it not to do something is not that effective. It is important o look at it as an accomplishment and goal an to always speak n the first person and in present tense.
A subliminal recorder works by taking your subliminal message and changing the frequencies to match background noise. Most subliminal messages are actually broadcast at very high frequencies. You will be listening to music and though you can't hear it the subliminal message is playing and your subconscious is listening.
There are many subliminal encoders available online and if possible you should try to get a free trial before purchasing any of the software. You can also get subliminal encoders that will digitally add subliminal messages to your tape or DVD. It achieves this by adding the message infrasonically. You can also use real time subliminal encoders that can be hooked up to your amplifier and used at the same time with other recordings. With subliminal software you can easily create a subliminal message in a matter of moments.

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