Ways To Get Away From Procrastination

By: Will Jasper

Procrastination is simply the putting off of things we know we should be doing. Procrastination comes easily. We've all procrastinated at some time or other. It becomes a problem when procrastination keeps us from doing the things that we know we must accomplish.
Are you a chronic procrastinator? If you have trouble bringing yourself to do anything at all, even the smallest task, you may need therapy. If you are that negligent, there may be psychological issues that need to be addressed, or even neurological issues with the prefrontal cortex of your brain. These need to be addressed by a professional.
Maybe you don't need a doctor, but just a kick in the pants. I'm glad you are here. I've got some simple steps to share that will help you move from a procrastinator to a task eliminator.
Change your lazy, 'I'll do it later' attitude. You have to be positive and realistic. Use positive self-talk to get you going. Consider the consequences of not getting your work done or putting it off to the last minute. Program your mind to think in a way that motivates you.
Clarify your goals. Make sure your goals are challenging, yet within reach. If you get frustrated because you feel you will never reach your goals rethink them. Break them down into small doable tasks. Think realistically about how much time it should take to get the individual parts of your goal accomplished. Set your goals high, but not so high that you will never reach them.
Break up your tasks and prioritize each one. Did you ever blow off classes only to try to learn all the material and study for the final in one night? It's practically impossible. It is also impossible to expect that you can finish any one project, or reach any one goal, in one step.
Get rid of clutter and get organized. Know where your tools are before you begin the job. Time is wasted when you are running around looking for a different tool every time you hit a new aspect of your task. Every time you have to stop and find something you lose momentum. You waste time completing your task. Don't be afraid to use post-its, calendars, and memos to remind you of important dates and tasks. The important thing is that you are learning to stay on task.
When you complete a project or task, or reach a goal, reward yourself. Give yourself a treat. Use this approach to reinforce your positive thinking and self-esteem. Each time you do this you will feel more positive and less willing to procrastinate when it's time to begin the next task.

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