Warning - Your Articles Are Not Working As Hard As They Could Be

By: Sean Willis

There is no shortage of advice out there about building a business online. Some of it is good and some of it is not good but I would like to talk about one simple thing that could really help you to grow your online business and there's no e-book in sight:)

Before fixing problems you have to identify them first. In my experience, probably the number one problem that afflicts online marketers is trying to master too many skills. If you're not doing what you're good at, you're just wasting time!

Getting stuck on aspects of your business where you don't have the proper skills not only saps your time but it also really saps your enthusiasm as well.

If you're an article writer you should be writing articles, not doing tech stuff. Writing articles is a real skill and if it's your core skill then that's what you should be spending most of your time at.

But if that's the case then how do deal with all the other stuff that goes into building a business online?

Things like graphics, web design, video, site development etc. and that list is only about developing your site directly. It doesn't take into account other promotional methods you could be using either.

This might seem to be a little too easy but there are two straightforward answers to this problem:

1. Outsourcing

2. Barter.

If you're not familiar with these concepts, please allow me to quickly explain a little bit about both.

Outsourcing can be a great way to free up time to grow your business but you'll have to learn the ropes first. You will get some bad workers at the start but the key is to stick at until you find a few good ones and build a relationship with them.

This can be done on a job by job basis but it is much better to try to build relationships with individual people wherever possible.

The concept of barter is older than any modern monetary system and can be a really effective way to leverage your skills. Barter is also an excellent method because of the fact that you're obviously going the be much more efficient at the things you're good at so it really makes sense to leverage that to get the other things you need.

Nobody can be excellent at everything so you really ought to be spending the most time on the things that you can do best. Barter allows you to leverage your skills.

Whichever route you decide to travel, one thing I can guarantee is that if you spend most of your time working with your core skills and get other people to help you with the other stuff then your income, business and all round enjoyment of your work will grow.

Ultimately, you want to have financial freedom and to be happy in your work. Following up one or both of these avenues will certainly put you on the right road to achieving that goal.

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