Want to win football match, believe in teamwork

By: Roger Smiths

A Football match commonly known as soccer game consists of 22 players. It also includes two referees-a main referee with his or her assistant. The referees are responsible for the match proceedings and it is up to their discretion, when to start the game and the time of termination. They keep a tab on match proceeding and decide when a goal is scored, and when a player commits a foul or violation of rule and regulation is made.

Besides players, referees, a football match or soccer game also includes two linesmen who are normally deployed to take care of the lines and they are supposed to raise the flag line when the ball goes out of play or a foul is committed. They also keep a vigil on players like whether the players is on the offside position, corner kicks which is difficult for centre referee to see.

The first and important thing the team players and official are bound to do is to play according to rules and regulation of the football match or game, if the team wants to win a game. The Players should not annoy the referee by breaking the rules, as it will lead to losing the game. The referee is the in charge or controller of the game so you do not have to fight with him or her.

The concerned referee appointed for the match may not be the best referee in the world, but remember that it is human, so there's no way your call will be all right. You can tell him explain him or her certain things that happen during the match being captain of the team or member of the team. But there is no need to attack or to complain or confront with him or her, whenever he blows his whistle when your team member has committed a foul or trying to break the rules of the game.

Another possibility is to win a game in accordance with the instructions of you coach that has appointed by your Soccer club or association. Your coach is much more experienced then you and your team member, so he has been appointed as a coach. In order to win the game you should take assistance from coach and follow the strategy devised by him or her. Even if you are great player you should follow the coach, as you canít control the match. You should remember that teamwork wins the match not the individual skills.

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