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Live Bait fishing for walleye accounts for at least 2/3rds of all walleyes caught on a fishing rod and reel. Many of the die hard walleye anglers who claim they use artificial lures for walleyes 90% of the time, will still put live bait on their lures when the walleye fishing gets slow.
There are many walleye live baits that work well, but the best The best baits for walleye include minnows and other small fish, night crawlers and leeches. In some unique walleye habitat situations at different times of the year, other kinds of baits such as water dogs and frogs will work, but the majority of the time they wonít produce like the old reliables.
Live bait used for walleye fishing are not always available all year round. For example leeches cannot be caught if the temperature of the water is below 50degrees because they are not active yet and will not swim into the leech traps. It will be hard to find a bait shop in the summer that will carry shiner minnows because it is so hard to keep them alive in the summer months in the bait dealerís tanks and in the anglers minnow bucket.
When you make your live bait selections for walleye fishing you need to be aware of the season because some live baits better at certain times of the year. Although night crawlers are a poor choice for a bait selection to fish for walleye in the spring time when the season changes to summer night crawlers are one one of the best baits to use to catch walleyes. Spring and the fall are the best time of the year to use minnows for walleyes, but they do not work very well in the summer months.
Selecting the right type of minnow is important at certain times of the year. During the spring many times shiner minnows will be the best live bait to catch walleye while no other minnow species will. In the fall season shiners are a poor choice for a live bait selection to fish for walleye while a redtail chub would be an excellent choice. The bottom line is different live baits work better on different bodies of water and in different seasons. Also, it's a good Idea to check with your local bait shop to find out what live bait will work best to catch walleye.
There has been discussion by many fisherman that ribbon leaches are the best live bait for walleye.Leaches are an excellent bait because because they swim, and squirm constantly after they are placed on the hook when the temperature is above 50deg. They are not a good choice in cold water because they are not active at temperatures below 50degs.
Make sure the live bait you use choose to fish for walleye, it is active and lively. When walleyes are really biting you can get by with a half dead minnow or chewed-up night crawler, but a struggling minnow or squirming crawler will normally catch more fish.

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