Voice Changer Software Welcomed By Role-Crossing Online Gamers

By: Jimmy Tiep

It’s always the same question for males who play females in MMORPGs. How far can you go? And how long?

The answer from many is as far as possible and as long as you can.

So welcome, voice changer software. Help me make it through those group raids on Ventrilo (or Teamspeak) voice chats.

There have always been many males playing female characters in MMORPGs. What’s the motive remains a speculation. But an unregistered member of Not addicted game forum srelated to it as an “experiment”…

“In my semi hardcore guild, we have exactly 2 females out of 100 guildmembers.

Apart from them I know only 1 other player of which i am 100% sure she is a female.

As an experiment, I made a female gnome called Doll, created a very feminine guild, with cute guild tabard and the right outfits. (Fancy black dress and the like) I chat a lot in AH area, acting female without going over the top.

I convince male players that I am a female very easily. I can see it by all kinds of details. For example a whole bunch of them monitor my coming and going very closely. I always get a nice 'Hi how are you,' 10 seconds after I log on. They compliment me on my playing in instances, or on my new gear.

My 'male' male characters never get this....

At lvl 5 it's already noticeable... I got 5g for free and 4 12 slot bags. At lvl 45 I get free fiery enchants...

I have been invited to Scotland, to Greece and to Rome to spend time with some guy, after mentioning I would like to go there for holidays...”

Be it an experiment or fantasy, you don’t want it to end too soon. And you don’t want to miss the Ventrilo group raid fun either.

So voice changer software like VoizGame, which is light, real-time and very compatible with game chats like Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Roger Wilco… and other common chats suddenly becomes indispensable.

True, the voice-crossing is as risky as anything. Like another Notaddicted member said on the debate, “Its not hard to tell when someone is using a voice changer... unless you're like really horny and just wanna 'pretend' that voice sounds like a real female”.

But that’s the name of the game. That’s the thrill of sex-crossing.

Just like what I’m doing. Disguise a pr in an article.

If you follow me here, I guess that’s far enough. Thank you bro and check my recommended AV VoizGame at www.audio4fun.com/voice-game/voizgame.htm. . For a free trial of the complete AV Voice Changer series, visit www.audio4fun.com

Jimmy Tiep is a freelance journalist and copywriter. He’s contactable at [email protected]

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