Vitamins For Acne: Can They Cure Your Acne Forever?

By: Mike Walden..

Acne that affects millions of Americans today has created such a widespread market for 'Vitamins for Acne' that a regular industry has sprung up throughout the continental USA which is spreading its tentacles all over the country like never before. And I, as a lifelong acne researcher, now find it as one of my duties to shed some valuable light on the subject.

Primarily, I do not consider any vitamin for acne supplement will ever be able to cure your acne alone. It matters little whether it consists of b5 overdose therapy, vitamin a or zinc or a combination of both - the result is the same. However, to know more about the friendly 'vitamins for acne' and their role in curing acne, I need a few of your valued moments. Stay with me for a couple of minutes or more if you wish to gain a first hand knowledge about the topic but remain rest assured that a couple of sugar-coated vitamin pills every morning can never rid you of your adolescent acne how much you may hate or love it.

This need not necessarily mean that I am discouraging you to take this option to become free of acne. It is, nevertheless, true that some vitamins and minerals have properties that play crucial roles in the process of curing acne naturally. Also, if taken in the right proportion synergistically, vitamins can prove fairly effective in helping the system to clean itself of biological debris faster than prescription medications. They also help restore the long lost hormonal balance, bringing back the healing process of your skin much more rapidly than any other known resources.

Also, it is never safe to become your own doctor and start taking vitamin pills that you may think are suitable for you because such steps could lead you to some non-reversible side effects that are scarier than the acne. And the effects an overdose of wrong vitamins could be simply lethal. Go visit a qualified doctor, instead; let him examine your pathology and prescribe the right vitamin for you. All you have to do is to take those vitamins strictly as per his advice.

Meanwhile, I shall also try to converse about the true relationship of the vitamin for acne supplement and the natural holistic method of treatment that cures acne naturally for good.

Vitamins for Acne - how do they interact with each other?

Acne, as we know, is caused by a host of internal as well as external factors of which hormonal imbalance in the body and toxic build-up in the blood and lymph glands are of paramount importance. Since no vitamin supplement can tackle both the issues in its singular capacity, it, nevertheless, can help the body in releasing most of the toxicity and thus become internally cleaner. And the body sans all the biological debris can commence restoration of the skin more efficiently.

How are vitamins for acne necessary? They supply the nutrients that can regulate the hormones. And when these nutrients are not there, the body's own hormonal regulation system may end up malfunctioning, and this will naturally lead to an imbalance of the hormones.

In most cases those suffering from acne have chronic nutritional deficiencies - studies have established this as a fact. The problems are in the excessive hydrogenated and saturated fats while there are deficiencies in essential fatty acids. Supplements of essential fatty acids thus provide the essential nutrients and when the levels of bad fats such as trans fatty acids and margarine are reduced, the acne is bound to improve.

There are a few more secondary factors that cause acne and the vitamins for acne supplements can take care of them too. They ensure that the body's internal mechanism to fight these factors is strengthened and this aids in healing.

Some common Vitamin for Acne.

Save and except some types of vitamins that are usually not so user-friendly, there are quite a few vitamins like vitamin A, B (B- complex more) and C, E, magnesium and zinc which are beneficial to acne sufferers in a great way. Those who have acne are often deficient in them.

These combo vitamins are said to have numerous positive properties which include stabilizing the hormones, fighting the free radicals, strengthening of the immune system, controlling the sebum production and improving the skin healing process. As an added bonus, they are said to have special agents that reduce stress, the major cause of hormonal imbalance in men and women.

MSM (natural sulfur) is yet another supplement vital for acne prone skin that provides the body with essential fatty acids like Omega 3, 6 and 9 - all obtained from natural sources which contribute towards regulating hormone secretion and so can improve one's acne condition overnight.

But you will still need to remember a few points. Do keep in mind that you should never take more vitamins for acne supplement than what has been prescribed to you. What is important is to take the right combination and that too at the right quantity - this will ensure that the results are optimized. You need to also take them at the right time. This will ensure that the level of absorption is correct so that they can efficiently help you get rid of the acne.

The final verdict in vitamin for acne

Vitamin for acne is no fairy tale - it may work wonder if taken under a qualified medic's professional umbrella. However, there are specific types of vitamins for specific types requirement. For example, some vitamins are needed as 'nutritional insurance, and for hiking the healing process of the skin while others are meant for balancing the hormones and stimulating the organs of elimination to a fine degree so that the detoxification becomes perfect. Vitamin supplements ca also help in skin repair, collagen formation, hiking the immune system and in keeping stress under control.

But supplementation will not work alone. This is because acne is quite complicated and there are many internal factors that contribute towards the growth. And so, a complete strengthening and rebuilding is necessary. It needs to be also remembered that acne cannot be caused by a deficiency of vitamins, and thus supplementing them will not work to give you the cure.

But, in most cases they are quite dutiful agents, doing their part of the job well. And in this complex procedure, choosing a holistic method of treatment is indeed the last word since it is comprehensive, all-inclusive and probably the broadest spectrum healing instrument. Vitamins for acne work best when they are taken together with the holistic approach of treatment that can beat the internal contributing factors of acne. This approach will finally give you the freedom from acne.

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