Visualization Meditation Techniques

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Visualization Meditation is a process by which you try to visualize or imagine an image in your mind. Your complete focus is upon trying to add as much detail to the picture as you possibly can. You can include all of your senses, not just your vision in the meditation.
Visualization Meditation has many health benefits. It has been proven to help alleviate pain by distracting the mind from pain impulses. It drastically reduces stress and anxiety. By reducing our stress levels, the body's immune system improves and healing naturally takes place. Blood pressure falls to normal levels and overall body function dramatically improves. Concentration ability is enhanced along with creativity. People report much better sleep patterns as the body and mind learns through Visualization Meditation Practice to relax.
The power of Visualization Meditation can be used also to manifest what you want in your life. By meditating in as much detail about what you wish or desire, it can have profound effects upon creating that reality. It all boils down to the metaphor that thoughts speak louder than words.
Here is an Exercise in Visualization Meditation
1. Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor cross legged. Close your eyes and take three long deep breaths to relax. Continue to breath long and deep until you feel sufficiently relaxed, then begin the visualization exercise.
2. Imagine that you are standing on the sand at the beach, looking out over the ocean. Try to visualize this picture in your mind in as much detail as possible. See the colors of the ocean and the sky. Maybe the sun is setting or rising on the horizon. Are there any clouds in your sky? Is it a warm or a cold day? Is there any wind, can you feel it on your face. Can you smell the salt air? Can you taste the salt air in your mouth? Can you hear the waves crashing on the beach? Are there any birds in the sky, can you hear them? Can you feel the sand between your toes? Is the ocean still or choppy? Are there other people on the beach? These are just a few examples of what you can visualize; let your imagination add to the picture any other elements.
3. Try to remain in the meditation for at least 20 minutes, exhaust all possible features to your visualization until you feel satisfied.
4. Open your eyes stand and stretch.
Visualization Meditations can be practiced as you are lying in bed. Often they are more effective practiced before you go to sleep or upon waking in the morning. You can choose any scenario you wish and try to imagine you are there in as much detail as possible. Skills in visualization improve with practice; you will notice a profound improvement in your minds ability to visualize each time you try.
Like all disciplines, Visualization Meditation requires daily practice to benefit from its rewards. Try to practice for 10 minutes a day at first and then slowly extend you meditation session to 20 minutes a day. Guided Meditations are available free on the internet which can be a helpful aid to improving your visualization skills.

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