Visit A Walk In Clinic For Summertime Sprained Ankle

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Drinking beer in the park with friends makes for a fun day. Alas, someone twisting an ankle or bumping into a tree running for a Frisbee is almost a given. Summertime is the best time of year, for it is filled with picnics and pretty girls. The fact that we're out there, running around and having a great time, means that someone is bound to get hurt in some accidental non-life threatening way. That is where the friendly neighborhood walk in clinic comes in.
Twisting your ankle is a common summertime injury. In fact, it happens year round. One second you're traipsing around like a monkey in the circus and the next you are down on the ground pleading for your momma. What to do? Where to go? You could head to a hospital emergency room, but then you'll be waiting numerous hours until your name is called and you get to be seen by a doctor for five minutes to be sent home. There has to be another, better, way to deal with an injury of this type. There is: the walk in clinic.
Popping up all around the city is a new sort of medical facility. The walk in clinic is dedicated to diagnosing and treating all non life-threatening injuries and illnesses. They are the new go-to place for medical issues. Let's take a close look at the twisted-or sprained-ankle.
What Exactly is a Sprained Ankle?
Almost everyone has had a sprained ankle during their lifetime. They can be a real showstopper and you usually need prompt medical supervision. A sprained ankle is when you have stretched-or perhaps--torn the ligaments in your ankle.
What Causes Them?
They often tmes occur when there is a rapid movement to your foot. Typically the foot turns inward and the ankle turns outward. This causes the ligaments to stretch or tear.
How Bad Are They?
A sprained ankle can range from mild to severe. This depends on the damage to the ligament. A mild sprain may cause the ankle to be stiff and swollen. A severe sprain may cause you to be unable to walk. This happens very often.
What Are The Symptoms?
Typically, you will feel the sprain immediately and the ankle will get swollen and be tender to the touch. You will know you have a serious sprain when it is impossible to put your weight down on your foot.
What Can a Walk-In Clinic do For You?
An X-ray may be needed to exclude a break. Wrappings and medicine are often times needed to get you back on your feet and back to the park to play another day.

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If you have received such an injury, and would like a professional doctor from a walk in clinic to look at your ankle, go no further than the Walk In Clinic of New York. Simply log onto Walk in Clinic NYC or call 1-212-696-5900 to make an appointment today. It may be better referred to as a limp-in clinic when you get there, but by the time you leave you will understand that the Urgent Care NYC is the medical wave of the future.

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