Victorian Style Bed & Breakfast

By: Patti Rob

The Victorian Era never seems to go out of style, and so it can make a lovely way to decorate your bed & breakfast. There are plenty of ideas you can use to incorporate this type of theme without any problems at all. You can easily find decorative items to enhance the overall look. You also won't have to spend a fortune to complete this particular theme.

There are many types of older homes out there that work well with a Victorian style of decor. In fact, there is a good chance that is what they were long ago. You may find many features you can work with including dining room windows, a fire place, a long stairway, and more. Take a good look around at what you can do with the place and be creative in how you wish to accomplish it

Pay attention to various details as that is what will finalize your Victorian style of dcor. For example you want to focus on the doorknobs, the handles for drawers, and even the style of paintings you place on the wall. You can easily buy decorative molding to place along the wall where it meets the ceiling and the floor. Most home improvement stores offer a good variety of them.

One very lovely aspect you can incorporate if you can get your hands on it is stained glass. Make sure you look around for it as you may get lucky and get a great price on it too. Always know the measurements for the windows so you can be ready if you come across it. You can also buy stained glass decorations to hang on your porch which will enhance the outside look of it.

There is plenty of wallpaper out there to choose from that is representative of the Victorian Era. It is much easier to put up than it once was and it will last for a long time. There is also washable wallpaper so you don't have to worry about keeping it clean. You can have the look of an earlier time period but all of the conveniences of today with it.

Decorative rugs and elegant curtains will work to finish off your effects. They come in many colors too so there is no reason why you can't make them to match the rest of what you are using. The curtains you choose to hang up will really set the mood for any given room too. Therefore you want to think about the image you wish to achieve before you select them.

There is often a misconception that the supplies necessary to complete the Victorian style of decor will be very expensive. Some of them can be but not overall. Look for pieces you can work with to make them look like new. Some sanding and some varnish can really work miracles.

If you aren't sure what look you want then you need to get some examples. There are plenty of great pictures out there you can find in books, magazines, and on the internet. This is a great way for you to have a well decorated bed & breakfast that will take your guests breath away the moment they see it.

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