Vibration Isolation Tables for Cleanroom Operations

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Vibration free table or anti vibration table are specially developed for micromanipulation in IVF labs. Vibration free table features an anti-vibration mechanism for passive dampening of the microscope. This is mainly used for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) procedures. Vibrations are eliminated by complex anti-vibration system achieved through an optimized choice of mass and support stiffness ensuring a fast dampening effect. The inverted microscope is placed on slab made from polished granite platform, which gives a smooth and roomy workspace around the microscope for micromanipulation equipment, mini-incubators, patient records etc.

For any ART laboratory it is necessary to provide vibration-free work environments for users and manufacturers of sensitive equipment. Vibrations limit the performance of sensitive instruments in numerous applications. Thus the need to remove vibrations to optimise performance becomes crucial. Elimination of movements from a working surface is achieved by isolating it from any external influences such as the floor and the structure itself is rigid and damps out any induced surface movements (fans etc.). The major sources of external disturbances are vertical and horizontal floor movements. Vibration-free table mounts isolates equipment up to 90% of building vibration, eliminate operator fatigue and nausea during microscope operations. Its low-profile, ergonomic design combines stability with convenience. Hence the need for vibration free table arises.

Shivani Industries offer vibration free tables whose modular construction is ideal for any IVF procedure or any situation requiring exact vibration-free performance. As with any other high performance product, vibration free table development and design are ongoing processes with new technology and ideas being incorporated continually to enhance performance characteristics. We offer anti vibration table to assure undisturbed micromanipulation procedures: a vibration free table which is perfect for carrying out whole ICSI workplace. The features of vibration free table includes

1) Exclusively designed for IVF and ICSI procedure
2) Micromanipulation equipment placed next to microscope, vibrations from handling the micromanipulator do not transfer to the microscope
3) Microscope platform: slab made from polished granite
4) Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 10 cm (standard), special sizes and wall mounted versions available on request
5) Table frame: frame made from high quality stainless steel
6) Four vibration dampers with combined rubber metal connection and hydraulic bearing
7) Working height adjustable from 77 to 82 cm
8) Weight of the table is approx. 300 kg

The vibration free table are designed to meet the requirements of ICSI procedures. It makes easy working environment. The table can be used by embryologists as arm rest which gives them comfort while working on microscope. It gives vibration-free performance in any situation. The table can meet the requirements for all available models of inverted microscopes as it can be made as per the order requirement of the client. High-Performance anti vibration tables providean excellent vibration-free working surface for loads up to 350 lb (160 kg). With modular construction, these tables are recommended for use in such diverse applications as electrophysiology, cell injection, ultramicrotomy, photomicroscopy, scanning tunnel microscopy and laser scanning microscopy.

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Shivani Scientific Industries (P) Ltd. is highly focused company on Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Bio-Medical Equipment’s with proven track record of over 42 years. Shivani Scientific represents 26 International Companies into India. Our dedicated trained staff at Shivani has extensive experience in setting up IVF Laboratory Equipment’s and infertility laboratory supplies.

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