Versativa Top 5 Income Earning Strategies

By: Dave Schlueter

It's hard to accept it but the facts are just this. Ninety-five percent of Network Marketers fail to achieve the level of success they want in this industry. Not only is this fact true but it is sad when you think about it. Here's a shocking revelation for you… As soon as people find and plug into the right systems, tools, training, and leadership in this business they skyrocket to success in the industry.

What this proves to me is that the level of industry support and training comming from most upline sponsors in the industry is failing. Unfortunately legions of good people are being robbed of the fair chance they deserve to improve their lives, and manifest their hopes, wants, and dreams. Which is everything MLM is supposed to be about.People often feel scammed as a result. You can find their bitter testamonials spewed out accross the web if go looking for them. It's bad for people and it's bad for the industry.

So what is the secret mantra that must be recited to gain access to the top secret Versativa inner sanctum? What is it that separates the massive achievers from those who wish to follow in their footsteps?

The lower ninety-five percentile in MLM never learn the fundamental requirements necessary to succeed in the industry before they go M.I.A. They fail to learn what the industry is really all about, invest in themselves, or their business to the proper degree and develop some of the entreprenurial maturity and patience necessary to succeed. They fail to employ the tools, strategies, and systems that top producers use to produce the incredible results they get. Many will continue in an empoyee type mindset that has no place in an entreprenurial environment. The refuse to adopt the maturity, patience, and resolve necessary to build a large organization. Consequently they fail to get into profit, stay in profit, and grow that profit month after month, and year after year. You will find that the top Versativa producers have all invested in the tools, training, and systems that have made all the difference in who they've become as people and what they produce in business. This is the true path to mastery.

How and where to get leads is a hot topic for debate in the industry because leads are the fuel your marketing machine runs on. The average beginning Multi Level Marketing distributor also has no system or platform in place to generate a steady, consistent flow of cheap even free, high quality leads in the numbers necessary to sustain business growth and consistent recruiting success. Frustration over lame recruiting methods and the condition of broke-ness brought about by purchasing worthless leads prematurely ends the careers of many new Network Marketers. They grumble idly in a state of limited or no action that in time kills their Network Marketing dreams. Top earners on the other hand use automated cheap or free systems to generate a steady flow or quality leads to their business. Then they allow the profits of their success to purchase and invest in more expensive marketing.

Too few people in the Network Marketing industry understand what the game is about. Average MLM distributors fail to realize that MLM is a business of building and cultivating relationships, nor do they have systems and tools in place to accomplish this. Most new associates are counseled to recruit, recruit, Fresh recruits to the industry are counselled by well meaning upline leaders to recruit, recruit, and recruit. Let me tell you if that's all you are foucused on you are going out of business with the rest of the uninformed in a short ammount of time. You see most novice distributors try to get laid on the first date. And I don't say that to be rude but instead to make the point that they would pitch their Versativa opportunity long before a connection, tust or a relationship between parties is established. Experienced marketers never make this mistake. In fact the marketers at the top employ systems to build connection and relationship with prospects long before trying to sell them on their most incredible opportunity. In fact the better marketers have the entire process automated and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year while they are off doing what they want to do with their time. Recruiting this way makes closing a prospect a short and simple process instead of the sometimes long and lengthy drawn out ordeal. The system does the majority of the time consuming work for them allowing them greater leverage and time freedom. This highly leveraged recruiting system is truly a beautiful thing.

Rigors of growing, training, and managing a growing Multi Level Marketing team in this industry can become an overwhelming challenge for many unprepared distributors. This can be overwhelming for novice leaders as they find themselves spending more and more time and energy training new associates who then end up dropping out and never do This can overwhelm novice leaders who find themselves unprepared for big league play These problems can halt the growth of unprepared organizations as they reach a sticking point in their progres or it can eventually unravel a whole team.

Top notch Versativa earners on the other hand understand the necessity to employ systemseither 3rd party or of their own design that will train down line recruits in large numbers and on autopilot. Most either develop their own push button systems or use third party credible tools to manage this facet of their growing business for them. Duplicating team success is the top priority for real MLM leaders in this industry. Your personal achievements have little bearing on your teams success. It isn't what you can do that matters but what you can duplicate in your team that matters the most. Without duplication Network Marketing is a bad business model. Top Versativa producers are often top producers because they know and employ strategies to accomplish this that newbies often miss or have never even heard of.

Top Versativa distributors grasp the value that every new lead represents to their business. The top earners in the industry are better at capitalizing leads that enter there sphere of influence including making money from the leads that enter their funnels yet never join there primary opportunities. This is lost potential revenue for distributors who have no system in place to gleen some of this lost lost cash resource. To build your business faster and make your marketing go further you'll want to make use of this simple yet powerful strategy. It's actually easier to understand and implement than you might think.

The better producers make big bucks off of tools, training, information, and systems that meet the demands of fellow marketers and opportunity shoppers. This revenue is substantial and the products are an easier sell than enrolling people into a primary company. Sales from these products add fuel to the marketing engine often paying for more expensive marketing or adding money to the bottom line. This can provide a source of vitally needed revenue to a new business when it needs it the most. It can be one of the most important building blocks of a new and successful MLM venture.

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These are but a few of the top differences utilized by top earners in the industry that differentiate their results from the ninety-five percent of other marketers out there. To learn the specifics of the techniques we've been discussing that will take your Havvn Business to the next level visit me at: my MLM Training Porthole and get some more training today. I'll show you the tools you'll need to succeed in this industry and even walk you through setting it up

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