Vemma Training Tips That Will Produce Immediate Results In Your Team

By: David Michael Wood

The single most problematic mistake made by many Vemma distributors is that when they actually start growing in their business, they don't train their team in a way that produces. A lot of times, you sponsor a Vemma team member, and maybe you just don't know how to get them started in a way that works because you were never taught yourself.

The second most common mistake I've noticed in Vemma is that people stop recruiting and focus too much attention on their team. The biggest message you should get from this article is that when you're training your new Vemma distributors, you need to learn to have a balance between personal production and training or you're not going to acheive dramatic and lasting success with the company.

The compensation plan in Vemma is a two legged system known as a binary, which basically means that you can make it to the top of the company with two large sales organizations. Just because you don't have to recruit hundreds of people doesn't mean that you shouldn't, however. Most Vemma distributors who reach the top will recruit 100 or more frontline distributors. In this brief article I wanted to give you a few insights that will help you stay on task and produce a dramatically more prosperous business at the same time.

1. You need to concentrate eighty percent or more of your attention on sponsoring new Vemma reps into your organization. What I've noticed over the last 7 years in the MLM industry is that if you stop sponsoring reps for any reason in the early stages, your growth dies off pretty quick. The first step to training your Vemma team is to set an example by producing enough personally.

2. Focus 19% of your attention on training your new people to get them up and running. If you focus too much of your attention on new people, you won't have time to be productive in your business, but if you don't put enough energy into them, they'll never get the details of the business and they'll quit before they start. Most of your training should revolve around proven methods to sponsor new distributors, since that is the lifeblood of your whole Vemma business.

3. Less than 1% of your focus should be on unproductive activities, and you should outsource as many details as you can to people who will take care of them for you. For example, in Vemma you have an excellent customer and technical support department, and you should leave the details of orders, etc, up to them. You're not a customer service department. In fact, you'll find that the only way you can stay on the right track is to only focus your attention on things that matter, and when people call you about unimportant details, outsource it to more capbable individuals.

If you would pay attention, you would see that I've allotted 99% of your business building attention to business building activities. If you ever intend on creating a significant passive income in Vemma, you'll follow my advice here and you'll be dramatically better off because of it.

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