Vemma Review: Is This A Legitimate Opportunity?

By: David Michael Wood

The main fixation you ought to bring into significance when reviewing Vemma is the story of the leaders who formed the actual corporation. Vemma is founded by an entrepreneur named BK Boreyko and his household. BK Boreyko is the proprietor of New Vision, a company that has been in business at this moment for 14 years successfully and has existed in countries all throughout the planet. New Vision is one of the companies that helped forge the liquid nutrition business more than 10 years ago, and they have had a joint whole of more than $1,000,000,000 in sales.

Vemma focuses on numerous brands of exclusive products, the most notable being a product called ‘Verve.’ Verve is a specialized energy drink that can be purchased from any Vemma distributor. Is Verve as valuable as Vemma distributors claim? You should try it for yourself and then decide. Although the general truth is that Network Marketing distributors make wild statements about their nutritional products, Vemma tends to make only solid, provable claims.

Vemma also sells a specialized form of vitamins to adults and children called Next. That's a big positive for distributors, as children have obvious nutritional needs that are different from their parents.

So how come it's important to analyze the products when you're looking at an MLM opportunity? It's important to ask the question "do I really like these products as a stand alone item?" If you don't like the products, why would you sell them? A great test to take with MLM companies is to try the products for 30 days and see if you enjoy them. If you don’t find that they produce results for you, don’t join. You may find, however, that Vemma is just the right opportunity for you.

With Vemma, what I’ve found is that the majority of distributors build their business using ‘old school’ tactics. The market is more competitive today than it was 30 years ago, and to compete you need modern recruiting strategies. The main reason why these tactics don't work is because most individuals simply don't have the contacts to recruit enough people by talking to their warm market. To be successful today in Vemma, learn how to recruit with modern day methods and you'll do a lot better than you will otherwise. You'll find hundreds of credible individuals online who can teach you how to sponsor successfully by using marketing methods that actually work, and I would encourage you to focus on those methods.

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