Vegetarian Menus are Examples of Savoury Foods

By: Benedict Perez

Most savoury foods have high sugar contents and this is very damaging to the arteries of the body. Sugar can be found in its natural and organic form usually in plants or herbs or in cooked food containing carbohydrates. The sound of savoury foods is mouth watering, but the effect might be swelling.
Some vegetables which are rich in carbohydrates often contain starch that produces sugar when overcooked. Most fruit purees contain very rich nutrients and these can be mixed with fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, apples or bananas to make a fine dessert without sugar. They smell and taste good and highly nutritious especially for babies.
Most often than not, labels in products containing sugar can be very confusing. They sometimes read as dextrose, fructose, glucose and sucrose and products containing them have higher sugar contents than those found in ice creams. Science has proven that synthetic sweetener leads to high risk of heart ailments and usual users of these products are diabetics which complicate the problem.
It is not only sweetness that makes a food mouth watering but spicy and salty foods too are considered savoury. Anything that is pleasant and attractive to the sense of taste and smell fall under the category of savory. Therefore, it does not mean that only sweet snacks or sweetened products are savoury foods.
Nowadays, vegetarian menus can be prepared with ingredients that are very pleasant to ones palate. Everything that is used to create these menus is all plant products which include seaweeds. There are several varieties of edible seaweeds that are beneficial for inside and outside treatment of our body.
The dilemma we are facing is the fact that most commercially grown vegetables and fruits are bombarded with chemical fertilizers. These types of inorganic fertilizers which are absorbed by the plants are harmful to the health of humans who eat these plants. It often takes good judgment when we want to enjoy savoury foods.

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Many long to devour Savoury Foods because of its luscious taste. However, these types of food are not advisable to be eaten most of the time as they can damage blood vessels. This is because they have high-sugar content which is not advisable for the body. Simply visit this site at to know more about it.

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