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If you are lucky enough to be designing your own individual home from layout phase, incorporating elements of vastu for home design would be a lot simpler. Considering that almost two third of the city population lives in apartment complexes these days, principles of vastu for homes may be a tad bit difficult. There could be certain restrictions with respect to directions, layouts and so on when you opt for an apartment. However, when it's your own singular structure you can introduce elements of vastu for home entrance as well as vastu for home colors and a host of other things as well.

Listed below are some essential aspects of vastu for home design that you need to keep in perspective when building your own home.

Vastu for Homes: Principles for New Home Construction

Enough importance can never be laid on stable foundations and structures, when it comes to constructing a new home. Vastu principles emphasize that several positive things spring from the right kind of building structure. However, most architects choose to ignore the importance of Vastu Shastra and ignore the principles of building construction. However, this could be grossly detrimental in many ways. Some commonplace tips for vastu for home design have been listed here for your benefit.

• The very first brick must be laid in the eastern or the northern direction of the planned premise.

• When the plot is being dug, one must never start from the southwest, south or western direction.

• The first room must always be constructed towards the southwestern side.

• Preferably, the plot must always be square or rectangle in shape. It is considered as an excellent proposition from every aspect. However, if the size is a rectangle, the sides must never be in the ration that is more than 2:1.

• The bigger the plot, the more favorable it is. Bigger plots tend to herald wealth. However, plots should not contain cracks or cleavages.

• The house must remain open from all sides. It should never be sharing a wall with another building. Also, it must never be crammed between a couple of other structures.

• Never consider triangular shaped plots for your premises.

Some Commonplace tips for Vastu for Home Design

• The master bedroom must always be in the southern or south-western direction. Even the western direction is considered auspicious. However, never consider having your master bedroom in the eastern direction, towards the south east or north east.

• The west or the south east is the best suited directions for your child's room. Never consider the southern or south western direction for your children's room as it could herald ill health and bad luck.

• The guest room should be in the northern or north western direction, preferably. The south or south western direction is considered highly unsuitable for the same.

• The best directions for the entrance is the east or north east. Houses that face south or south west directions are considered highly inauspicious.

• Consider the north western or south eastern direction for your kitchen. Kitchens must never be in the south western direction.

• East and North West are considered to be the most suitable directions for your toilets and bathrooms.

• Living rooms are in the western or eastern direction.

Consider consulting a vastu expert for getting all your directions right. Although achieving perfect vastu compliance may not be possible, achieving the best that's possible must be the aim. Make sure meticulous planning has gone into your home design and construction layout for desirable results.

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Vastu tips are gaining popularity as families across the world experience positive changes in their lifestyles after adopting vastu shaastra. Also, vastu for home does not require constructional changes and even offers several solutions to any structural aberrations.

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