Vastu Tips for Kitchen: Important Ones to Rely on

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The kitchen is one of the most important spaces of your household. This is where the meals for the entire family are prepared. Therefore, it must exude positive energy and good health. A lot has to be kept in mind about the designs, layouts and colors as well. Listed below are some essential vastu tips for kitchen, adhering to which could improve the prospects of health and betterment within the household.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen: Some Important Ones to Resort to

1.Never have the kitchen either above or under the puja room, bedroom or toilet. You should always consider building your cooking space towards of the south eastern corner of the flat or the main building your apartment is part of.

2.Place your cooking platform in the south eastern or eastern corner of the house.

3.The gas burner or cook-top or gas, whichever you own, should be placed in the south-eastern or eastern corner of the house.

4.If you choose an L shaped slab and place it close to the south wall, it will become easier to place electrical appliances like mixers, grinders, ovens and grinders and so on. Besides, having such a structure would also be extremely auspicious for the household.

5.Having the sink or wash basin in the north eastern platform is always better. The pot where you store drinking water and associated utensils should be kept in the north eastern direction of the kitchen or towards the northern side.

6.Kitchens also contain storage spaces for storing grocery and other essential commodities like pulses, spices, grains and so on. Consider placing these in the southern or western direction.

7.The entrance of the cooking space should not be placed in any corner. Consider keeping your door in the west, north or eastern direction.

8.The gas burner must never be kept in the front of the principal entrance of the kitchen.

9.You should provide windows in the western and eastern direction of the kitchen. An exhaust fan should also be installed close to the window or inside the vents, if there are any, in order to keep it ventilated.

10.If you use your kitchen for dining purposes as well, the dining table should be kept in the western or the north western side.

11.Choose to keep lighter utensils in the northern or the eastern side.

12.When you are cooking, you must ideally face the east.

13..If you have your kitchen in the north eastern direction, it could be against the vastu norms and could lead to immense mental tension. Besides, you may also suffer magnanimous losses. Having your cooking space in the south western direction could lead to disruption of domestic harmony.

14. If your kitchen is placed in the north western direction, the expenses of your household would increase. And having it in the north is considered disastrous.

Another of the most important vastu tips for house is to have your kitchen cleaned and used utensils washed before sleep. Consider abiding by these norms for a prosperous household.

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