Varieties of gourmet flavored coffee

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Though a few diehard coffee connoisseurs may argue that coffee is not meant to be flavored, there are a lot of regular coffee addicts who would wish to try all the different gourmet flavored coffee available in the market. There is a wide range of coffee flavors- some truly exotic, some sweet, some with strong flavor. The different coffee flavors include butter cream, almond, vanilla nut, vanilla almond and chocolate. Open-minded coffee lovers can enjoy different flavors and drink a cup of coffee with different flavors every day.
Coffee is arguably the world’s most popular beverage and the quality of coffee has gone through many changes, developments and upgrades. Even for a casual morning coffee drinker, there’s nothing to tickle the palate quite like a hot mug of smooth gourmet coffee.
As most of us are aware, there are two types of coffee - Arabica and Robusta. Robusta coffee contains maximum caffeine and also economically priced. Arabica, which is commonly known as gourmet coffee is the best grade of coffee. Coffee enthusiasts will tell you that gourmet coffee has a much better smell and more desirable flavors than Robusta.
What is gourmet flavored coffee? It is adding different flavors to the coffee after it has been roasted. Many people think that gourmet coffee has a limited choice of flavors. This is not true as coffee addicts, fond of experimenting, will tell you there are more than a hundred types of gourmet coffee flavors for one to choose from. You can find that gourmet coffee of this nature is already ground, but you can also get different flavors of fresh and ready-to-use coffee beans.
As a matter of fact, it is preferable that true coffee lovers should get a coffee machine to make one’s own gourmet flavored coffee in. With own coffee machines, you can easily get a much better flavor out of the coffee beans and this will help you enjoy your gourmet coffee of much finer quality.
As a gourmet flavored coffee, hazelnut coffee cannot be improved upon especially if you enjoy coffee on a cold winter day. There is the chocolate flavored coffee that is somewhat sweet and perfect for most young people who may not opt for the natural bitterness of coffee. Few people are fond of caramel coffee. This is certainly sweet to taste but the real coffee addicts will probably not enjoy this flavor too much despite its popularity.
There are also gourmet coffee flavors like blueberry cinnamon, walnut, chestnut, peanut butter, chocolate raspberry, French vanilla, Irish cream, Seville orange, maple, Swiss mocha, peppermint, pumpkin spice, amaretto amongst many others.
There are gourmet flavored coffees that are caffeinated and those that are decaffeinated. If you have a sensitive stomach, you can even find gourmet coffee that is gentler and low in acid.
Here are a few tips if you are really interested in relishing flavored coffee. First of all, you must clean your coffee cup after you have prepared one flavor of coffee. This is necessary if you want to try a different flavored coffee using the same cup. Secondly, you must use immaculate water as water content may affect the flavor of the coffee. Another important aspect is if you wish to have fresh flavor every time, you should only grind the bean for each requirement.

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