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By: Anker Arkady

Are you getting your money?s worth when you buy your health drink? Today?s recession, the way I see it, is a blessing. You must be saying ?This guy is crazy.? Well hear me out first on why I choose to view it that way and why it may be connected with the health drink. Sounds farfetched right? Don?t worry, I completely understand. I have been there too.
A whole lot of consumers are smart. As most of you may agree that only 20% is absorbed of the supplements and vitamins that we take. Being an advocate of having value for money, I would want to absorb all the supplements and vitamins that a health drink offers. With every cent I make and spend, I want to make the most out of it.
Can you buy health if your health goes bad? Well I know I can?t. But if you can, please let me know how in the world you did because I?d pay top dollar to learn that. However, that?s just impossible. But what we can do is to invest early on when it comes to our health. That?s the reason behind why I take to consideration maximum absorption of supplements.
Being an advocate of health, I?m not a fan of fillers, additives and preservatives. Health drinks in my opinion should be as natural as possible. Hey, it?s called ?health drink? right? Those hard to read and hard to enunciate ingredients should never have estate on my health drink. Health drinks that are loaded with preservatives shouldn?t be called health drinks in the first place.
I want to drink a health drink. I do not want to drink preservatives at all. And I want it fresh too. Just like having it straight from the factory or manufacturer. But is there such a drink that would have those traits that I am looking for? Is there such a drink that doesn?t have preservatives? Well, lucky for us in this age in time where research and development is constant.
I was very skeptical when I first saw Yoli Blast Caps. It was definitely a departure from the conventional. I mean, come one, does it have to have the name ?Blast Cap?? Sounds like the drink would burst of some sort. Well, it?s better the drink bursting and not the drinker after drinking it. On a more serious note, the moniker came from the pop it produces when the beverage is activated.
The thought of drinking a beverage, like Yoli Blast Caps, that does not contain preservatives is mighty appealing. Factor in the all natural ingredients and that makes it more convincing. Through its technology, preservatives are no longer needed. This is possible because the ingredients are stored in the cap and kept well away from the liquid. Most conventional beverages are pre-mixed.
So, it?s just like getting your health drink straight from the factory. It doesn?t matter if it has been on the shelf for quite some time. And did I mention you get to absorb more than 20% of the supplements? That?s because it?s brewed or activated just before you drink it. This makes Yoli Blast Caps one of the most valuable, bang for the buck health drink out there.

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Anker Arkady has been conducting studies on health beverages for more than ten years. Read testimonies and avail more free information from his online beverage store.

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