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By: Jeffery Ruppert

Legislation requires that all businesses must demonstrate they implement a good Pre-Treatment of Waste Programme. Basically, Pre-Treatment of Waste requires that you sort your waste before disposal. You should sort your waste and remove everything which can be recycled. The waste which is not recyclable can also be reduced in its volume and then sent to landfill. company's are subject to ever-increasing taxes on volumes of waste going to landfill.

For most company's it will not be cost efficient to have a Mill Size Baler. The expense of a Mill Size Baler is mostly much higher than smaller waste balers. For most organizations a small to medium waste baler will be adequate.

Usually, you will compact your cardboard and you can expect Gratis Bale Collections at the very least. All bales which are less than Mill Size weight (400kg/600kg) are by and large collected Free of Charge. The collectors will take the bales to a Trade Waste Station and they will be given money for it. Mill Size bales have a higher premium price because they can be transported more economically. The mill size bales are more compact and can be loaded into containers for transport abroad to recycling plants.

If small bales are taken into a Trade Waste Station, the value is less, because the Waste Station will always re-bale the cardboard into Mill Size Bales. There is a cost for re-baling; the wire ties, the employment and the cost of the machinery. Consequently, Mill Size bales have a higher value coming into the Waste Station.

There are dedicated companies who trade in Mill Size Cardboard Bales. They will actually come to collect your Mill Size Bales Free of Charge and they will typically pay you a price per ton for your cargo. In general, there is a minimum amount of Mill Size bales they will collect on each visit. This is to make transportation overheads most economical. Mostly, they will have a preference to collect 10 to 20 tons of Mill Size Bales each time. By having a complete load the vehicles will be on the road less and their Carbon Footprint will also be better.

As an example, one Cardboard Waste Trading Company, in Central England, is presently collecting 10 ton minimum cargos (20 bales) and paying between £55 to £65 per ton (Todayís date is 21 February 2010). The price of Cardboard and other waste materials can rise and fall with market conditions.

I recently encountered one business whose cardboard waste bill was £1,400 per month. They have recently rented a Mill Size baler from my company for £39 per week. After 5 years they will own the baler for a nominal charge. Now letís look at the financial implications:

The customer was generating 14 tons of cardboard per month. The cardboard bins were costing £1,400 per month. It took many vehicles to collect this binned rubbish. These many lorries transporting loose cardboard was creating a very sizeable carbon footprint.

The Client now has a W500 Mill Size Baler costing £173.33 per month; wire ties are about £240 per month. Total cost is £413.00 per month. The Client receives an income of £60 x 14 tons = £840. Now there is an approximate net income for cardboard waste of £427.00.

This obviously means rather than paying £1,400 for their waste, they are now in receipt of £427.00. They are £1,848.33 per month better off and the Carbon Footprint of this waste material is seriously reduced with much fewer vehicles required to transport it.

Hopefully, you can see there needs to be high volumes of cardboard waste, to make the use of a Mill Size Baler efficient. Bales can be stored outside on pallets until there is a sufficient amount to transport.

Deciding on the correct Waste Compactor Equipment for your business, should be left to the people in the know. It's best to take advice from people who really know their machinery and the waste materials which you produce. Businesses often suppose they need a larger baler and sometimes a smaller less-expensive waste compactor will be quite enough.

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