Using the Warrior Ethos to drive business leadership

By: Louis Carter

Are you ready to learn about the top strategies for talent and performance from the military and Fortune 500 organizations? Do you understand that business is war? If you have answered yes to either of these two questions, then you are aware that true warriors not only survive crises, but also emerge as better leaders. You can discover the “business is war” philosophy as well, achieving the highest peaks of leadership and organizational development.

Let’s take a few examples and see how this philosophy applies to different careers. Executives are taught valuable lessons from The Art of War and The Book of Five Rings, being more than prepared when it comes to leading the troops and going on the offensive. Sales managers are growing used to demonstrate leadership abilities by supervising the field personnel, instructing them to win and seize territory. The best practices are brought into attention and one finds out the objectives that result in superior leadership.

The supreme objective is to obtain victory. As a leader, achieving victory is important, but how to attain your objectives is equally so. Managers can be excellent leaders as well, the whole purpose being to worry less about company vs. company pugilism. Instead, they should focus on developing personal ethical frames of reference. The Warrior Ethos refers to values, priorities and ideas that will help one become expert in leadership, applying all these principles with success in professional and personal life.

Even though not many people are aware of it, military leadership training can be applied in other walks of life, such as the business world. One of the most important recommendations is to be mission-focused, meaning to posses the vital skills necessary for prioritization of objectives. You have to know your mission, know it well, and do what it takes to accomplish that mission. The best practices include finding courage to recognize what you fear and then perform actions that overcome that fear. It might sound difficult at first but in time you will be thankful for the results obtained and engage in such practices time and again.

Organizational development relies on maintaining discipline as well. You will see that it paid off to be strict and avoid any temptations. However, you should always be open to new opportunities and remain flexible. If the outcome of a plan is not exactly what you expected, then don’t stick to the plan too tightly. Learn to calmly and analytically adapt to the unexpected. New opportunities will arise and you will achieve success anyway. The Warrior Ethos relies heavily on personal development and winning is simply a natural extension of being fully committed. Develop a warrior mentality by focusing exclusively on you and not the others around yourself.

Survival should be foremost in the mind of businesspeople, too; companies cannot weather this crisis without solid, exemplary leadership, for which demand will surely rise as quickly as tolerance for lackluster performance wanes. Constant application of warrior principles may be difficult, but the payoff is (literally) vital. Organizational development relies heavily on the things that were mentioned here but so is leadership. Make sure you understand the principles of Warrior Ethos before actually trying to apply them.

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