Using Tap Water to Make Baby Formula - Is It Safe?

By: Christy Smith

Although no agency or company admits of the issues concerning drinking water contamination, the public is growing more and more critical and inquisitive about the problem. Since a recent report has concluded that traces of pharmaceutical drugs are present in 24 out of 28 metropolitan areas that are tested in the United States, people have become more cautious of the quality and status of the water that they are drinking. While medical studies base the effects of drinking water contamination at an adult level, we may expect worse for our children especially on babies. The younger population of the country is actually most susceptible to the adverse effects of the drugs that are found in tap water. Thankfully, modern science has provided us with the technology that can be used to continuously allow us to use tap water to make baby formula without any guilt.

We must understand that there is no such thing as new water. The supply of water that we enjoy is far from new. It is actually recycled. Our community sources its tap water from the cleanest and nearest watershed. There, a water treatment plant is operated so as to decontaminate the water. Through a series of treatment, the sediments and the microorganisms that that water carries are separated, filtered and eradicated leaving the water safe for use or for drinking.

All of us are aware of the intensity at which water pollution has affected our country. Thanks to the toxic wastes and by-products that industrial plants throw out to our rivers and seas, a number of watersheds in United States are struggling with the issues concerning contamination. While we all put the blame in these plants, more scientific studies have confirmed other sources of water pollution. Some of which, we may never think of actually harming our water supply. Due to some irresponsible pharmaceutical plants, septic tank failure and poor sewerage systems, traces of pharmaceutical drugs that are used by humans and animals are found in our drinking water. Just imagine the effect of such hazard in using tap water to make baby formula.

The newfound forms and causes of water contamination actually bring more serious and often irreversible effects both in nature in and human health. Many of the trace chemicals have reached into the faucets in our home because our local water treatment plants have failed to have eradicated. The chemicals in water need a more thorough processing method to be removed. Aside from pharmaceutical contaminants, the chemicals that were used in treating water, as in chlorine and fluoride, where found to cause adverse effects to our health. At specified concentrations, these chemicals produce toxic compounds as the by-product of their reaction to the water being treated. Hence, more and more forms of contaminants can go untraced and undetected by the water treatment plants supplies use with our drinking water.

So before you again use tap water to make baby formula, think twice or even a million times whether tap is still safe for drinking. To be relieved of the guilt that the contamination brings in posing serious health risks, you can use an advanced home water treatment system to purify and decontaminate your babys water. So why continue worrying about the water that your baby takes when there are cost-effective options to safeguarding his health against the hazards caused by water contamination.

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