Using Stock Footage Brings Many Advantages

By: Michiel Van Kets

In simple terms stock footage involves short clips of moving pictures that are perfect for any film or video making as they haven’t been filmed for any particular production. For this reason stock footage is perfect for use in many types of productions, such as documentaries, television programmes, news articles, sports series, sports reviews, advertisements, and films.

There are many advantages to using stock footage, it is so frequently used these days that the majority of us are not even aware when we are watching it and the key to its popularity is its low cost to create and acquire. There are many advantages to using stock footage, it is so common these days that the majority of us are not even aware when we are watching it and the key to its popularity is its low cost to create and acquire.

Other reasons as to why stock footage is in demand is the way it can be used to join two scenes together in order for a plot to flow, if there is no appropriate footage shot for a segment then it can be used to fill this slot. It can also be used to provide the opening shots for a movie or scene.

Producers choose stock footage over filming the shot themselves for various reasons. One of the main reasons people choose to use it is because of the freedom and creativity it allows them, for example if making a short movie clip, art film or commercial, then a famous person or a significant past event can be incorporated into the scene. Think of the movie Forrest Gump where the main character seemingly met John Lennon and John F. Kennedy.

Another advantage to stock footage is that it can be downloaded more or less straight away, there is no need to get to a location, wait for the crew to arrive and then for the equipment to be set up. Modern technology has made it possible for the footage to be in digital format, and with software allowing for file-downsizing and high speed internet the ability to purchase and download stock footage online is not only possible but also easy and fast. You can find plenty of websites offering direct downloads of QuickTime clips.

The costs involved for buying stock footage is very low for filmmakers, when compared to shooting a scene themselves. In the last few years the price of footage has declined due to its popularity and improved technology.

You don’t have to be a filmmaker to use stock footage, anyone can use it. If you have to produce something for work or come up with an original idea for a school media or art project for instance then a short clip is a great way to show initiative and creativity. Have a presentation to make in your new job? Incorporating stock footage into your presentation will ensure it is remembered and put you well ahead of any competition.

Video or music stock footage added to your web site can be a big improvement to your as visitors browsing your site visually will find it a lot more appealing. Video clips are quickly downloaded and a lot simpler to understand. If your site is selling exotic holidays to the Caribbean for example, will it be more fun to read about it, or watch a fascinating short clip showing the actual destination? It is also more economical to use stock footage and reduces the need to travel to the destination yourself to obtain the shot.

If you are looking for high quality stock footage, there are services on the internet that have libraries with thousands of hours and more than 1 million stock footage shots. Captured by some of the world’s best filmmakers of HD stock footage, 35mm, S16mm and other high end video footage, these libraries are constantly being updated with new content so you are sure to find something that can be used to bring your news story, short film or commercial to everyone’s notice. From wildlife stock footage, underwater stock footage or travel related footage, high resolution clips can be delivered digitally the same day wherever you are in the world.

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Michiel Van Kets writes articles for Absolutely Wild Visuals, a stock footage library archive with an online database of preview clips available for download in Quick Time 7 and compressed in H.264. Find high end video footage with a focus on wildlife stock footage, Underwater stock footage and travel stock footage.

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