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By: Don Pedro

I don't know anyone on this planet who can resist the lure of diamond, least of all a woman. All you need to do is let her see a jewel glittering with the stone from heaven and she is as good as yours. Ladies, no offense; even guys get caught in that web too.
Diamond forms from the element called carbon, the most abundant in the element in the earth. It is also used in making some of the best and most expensive jewelry you ever saw. It costs a lot, but most people don't mind the cost if only they can have the thing on their bodies for just a few glorious moments. I won't say I blame them because of the beauty of diamonds jewelry on people, especially beautiful ladies.
Diamonds have a long history of surviving - a very long history. Even the story of their formation is one that awes you. Eons in the depths, coagulated by centuries of pressure and decomposition. Made perfect in imperfection. And now, you could make a jewel out of one, and know that it will never fail you.
I love the song 'Diamonds are forever,' it tells you just how a girl feels about diamonds. Somewhere in there she says the diamond doesn't hurt you the way a man can because you know it isn't ever going to change. Well, now you know why your girl will love you more if you got her a diamond jewelry. You are telling her your love is that true.
In the earth, diamonds stand out with elegance. In jewel form, they stand out on the necks and fingers of the elite of society. Only the really rich can afford to purchase one in that form - the rich and the elites.
Conditions that are ideal for diamond formation cannot be reenacted by humans. Much as they have tried, they have always failed. And so the diamond retains its uniqueness in brilliance and beauty. Little wonder it is so expensive as a jewel.
There is something about looking into a diamond that both excites and appeases you. It is not just its beauty and radiance, it is a property known as its fire. Diamond refracts light, diffusing it over a wide range. It is called fire, and once it catches your soul, you won't stop until you owned the piece.
The stones that made the mountains were not always solid. At one time, they were molten, known as magma, made so by the extreme pressures and heat in the earth's heart; the same pressures and heat that formed diamonds over eons of processing. So when the magma came up, so did the diamonds with it. Today, we mine them and wear them, and we bask in the glory of the diamond jewelry.
Black diamonds are not thought to come from the earth's bowels because their chemistry is seen as different. By infrared analysis, carbonado samples indicate that the minerals in them may have been formed between 2 and 4 billion years ago in a supernova explosion. These figures make your head spin, don't they? That should increase the value of diamond jewelries, don't you agree?
Wind and glaciers can transport diamonds from where they originate on the surface of the earth to distances extremely far away. Some miners and diamond hunters don't mind how far they have to go to get the gem, though. A single stone, sold in the jewel market, could be the end to all their life's financial problems.

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