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By: Don Pedro

With 655,000 deaths worldwide per year, colon cancer ranks as the third amongst cancers that kill. In the UK it actually rises to number two with about 16,000 in those parts. So, it's a type of cancer to pay a lot of attention to. And yes, early detection helps a great deal in determining whether one can survive the condition or not.
Large bowel or colorectal cancer is the third most common form of the malady. And like its breast, skin and lung companions, colon cancer also kills. Arming yourself with all the information you can garner might be the only way you can stay alive. Yes, with colon cancer, as well as other forms of cancer, ignorance is NOT bliss!
Most people don't look forward to treating colorectal cancer, least of all, you, the sufferer. First you need a colonoscopy to learn the extent of the disease. This done, you need a surgery to begin the treatment. A lot of the time, it is finished off by chemotherapy.
With a colonoscope, a physician is able to examine your colon to see the extent of your colon cancer. As soon as they see that it is real and depending on how extensive you have been infected. Surgery follows, for the most part; and then you are on to the radiology lab for chemotherapy.
The first step to treating colon cancer is the colonoscopy. This is not a treatment itself; all it is is an examination of your bowels using a piece of equipment called a colonoscope. You now have to undergo surgery to save your life, and chemotherapy to see to it that you don't get infected again.
Colon cancer, like other types of cancers, is curable if diagnosed early. This means that you have to catch it before the cancer has had the opportunity to spread beyond your intestines. If you fail at this, you certainly cannot be blaming anyone else for your misfortunes. It's worth repeating here that early detection is the key to surviving colon cancer.
You can contract a large bowel cancer more easily the older you grow. As such, my advice is that you begin to go for more regular checkups all the time. You want to catch the syndrome early enough to cure it before it becomes malignant.
It is easy to assume that colon cancer is not as rampant in Canada as in the United States because the recorded figures are not as much. This would be inaccurate though, because the US does have a larger population, hence the larger numbers.

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