Used Power Generation Equipment Can Ensure Your Cell Towers Have Power Even In A Power Outage

By: Irvin Schneck

Within a variety of industries, one thing, more than any other defines that the business, is a commitment to the customers who use their services. This is particularly true within the telecom industry: when cell towers are set up and customers sign up for services, they rely on their telecom company to deliver services they can count on to be available, when they need it most.

When customers are driving on winding roads in remote areas and want to be prepared in the case of an emergency, when they are traveling around the country and want to be able to reach their families to touch base and say goodnight to the kids; they expect their telecom service provider to be there.

Because of this, there are two things a telecom company absolutely must provide their customers:

1. A broad coverage area with plans that allow the freedom to call from anywhere; and,

2. Reliable cell towers able to transmit the signal, so the calls can always be completed.

Networks of cell towers can be planned and delivered in most every case. They can be installed, powered up, tested, and ready to go. But, a major storm that might wipe out power to an area cannot be foreseen in advance. Windstorms or even a car accident, where a car or truck goes off the road and strikes a power pole, could lead to major power outages. Even a pesky squirrel can kill the power if they put front and back paws on two opposing power lines; yes, it has happened before. While you may understand these things can happen, a Telco's customers who are relying on those towers will not always be so forgiving, when they need to make a call and cannot get a signal.

That means telecommunication companies must make some tough decisions; do they risk the outrage of customers who were unable to make a call when they needed to, letters of complaint and frustrated calls to call centers, and possibly losing a few customers, or do they find a way to back up the power supply for their cell towers and, in turn, their network?

For most telecom executives, this is a question remarkably easy to answer. They are going to make an effort to set up a reliable back up power supply and find a way of doing it that is both efficient and affordable. Some companies prefer to go with new diesel power gensets, but others find used power generation equipment to be the best value for their growing company.

Used generators are, as one might expect, less expensive than their new counterparts. In many cases, buyers will find purchasing used low-hour generators is even more cost effective than leasing the equipment for a set period of time.

Used diesel generators provide backup power to cell towers or even to cell tower installation sites with great affordability, in most cases. Diesel fuel is traditionally less expensive than both oil and propane. Diesel engines are built to last, and with proper maintenance, a company will not have to be concerned about investing in a used diesel generator one week and replacing its engine in it within a few weeks or months. As long as the engine is maintained, most diesel power generators still have many years of productive life in them.

With a used diesel generator, a telecom company can be sure that backup power will be available when they need it to be available. In the case of power lines downed by major storms, a company and its customers can be confident that the Telco's cell towers are functional and available when their customers need them most, either for calling emergency services or for letting family members who are out of town know that they are alright.

With as much competition in the marketplace as there is currently, it is essential to the protection of a company's bottom line to ensure that they can keep all of their customers happy, all of the time. The last thing a telephone consumer wants to discover is that when they need cell phone communications the most, their cell phone provider is offline.

Diesel power generators offer a solid source of backup electricity to many industries, and most telecom accountants will be happy with the low maintenance costs and lasting performance of the diesel generator sets that are available in the marketplace, including both new and used power generation equipment.

It is true that some companies, simply sell the electric generators, but other companies can service the equipment as well. USPE is one such company; in fact, they can maintain and service your equipment wherever it sits around the world.

Your telecom customers depend on quality and reliable service at the right price; and your company strives to provide it to them. When your company can provide backup power to your cell tower sites, you and more importantly, your customers will not have to worry about the effects of power outages on the power grid and your telephone network.

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Irvin Schneck writes about customer retention. US Power and Environment is a leading provider of used diesel generators worldwide. They provide delivery, setup and onsite equipment maintenance and repair. Through you can buy a used diesel generator or natural gas generator from an large inventory including Cat, Cummins, Baldor and Generac generators.

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