Use Lighting To Brighten Up That Dark Corner

By: Rick Skuw

How can you light up your murky corners? How will you highlight those favourite paintings? How will you be able to make out what you are doing in the kitchen? Decent lighting is necessary if you are to make the most out of your interiors, it is the first thing you ought to ponder about when doing up a space.

A good electrician has all kinds of lighting at his disposal to install in your house. No more are the days when a single hanging pendant light was the individual light resource, with perhaps a table lamp for reading and writing. Electricians now chat about ambient, feature and task lighting - and in one room you can have all three of them together!

Ambient lighting is classed as general lighting that provides brightness. In a number of rooms it is practical to get your electrician to place this type of lighting on a dimmer switch. For example in living rooms and dining rooms where you may well want to produce the right ambience for romance or entertaining. It can also be really useful in bedrooms - particularly children's bedrooms where you may like to check on the children in the middle of the night without startling them awake! And in the bathroom, it can help create serenity following a hectic day - especially if accompanied by a candle or two.

Feature lighting highlights particular features that you require people to observe. Possibly a special painting or an appealing piece of home furniture. It can also appear impressive on shelving or in alcoves where it will direct people towards attractive features.

Task lighting is very practical. It ensures you can accurately see what you are doing. For example, cooking in the kitchen, reading a book in bed or applying make-up in front of a mirror. It provides strong light to a definite place and is important for getting things done without straining the eyes.

Electricians will sort your lighting needs with several light sources. Downlighters are buried into the ceiling or fixed to the wall. If they are going to be dug in you will want to check that the cavity between the ceiling and the floor above is wide enough to accommodate the lighting fixture. Downlighters will give narrow or wide beams of light, which ever one you favor, remember that the latter is a good solution for all-purpose lighting.

Uplighters are as a rule attached to the wall and throw light upwards to the ceiling, this is then in turn mirrored back into the room. Those type lights can increase the impression of space and height in a room, as long as the ceiling is white or very pale.

Wallwashers cast light up and down a wall, again reflecting light into the room but also creating an pleasing light feature on the wall, particularly if the beams are thin. They are particularly effective at highlighting attractive wall textures, for instance polished concrete or exposed brick work.

Decorative lights can be a brilliant attribute and work exceptionally well if paired with additional lighting so that the decorative light does not have to do all the work of lighting an area. It can then be treasured as a decoration rather than purely a light source. This include pendant lights, chandeliers and attractive table lights.

Before your electrician installs the light fitting that you have picked, it's worth bearing in mind the type of bulb it requires. Low-voltage bulbs work especially well as inconspicuous feature lighting. Fluorescent bulbs give off even, flat light and are great for uplighters and wall washers. Clear tungsten bulbs with a bare filament will create highly defined shadows. Frosted bulbs provide softer, more diffused light.

Also, discuss with your electrician the kind of controls that you prefer. Apart from dimmers there are also controls that can include all of the lights in a room on pre-set controls, possibly you prefer to have the lights programmed to different moods - very bright, very dim or some lights on and others off. This allows you to create the suitable mood at the flick of just one switch rather than going round the room putting several lights on and off, which can be monotonous.

Superior lighting could potentially change a home. So make it a priority when you are redecorating - use it as the starting point and you can't go wrong.

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