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By: Angela Giles

Usana Active Calcium is one of the several nutritional optimizers produced by Usana Health Sciences, the best dietary supplements supplier in the United States. It is a calcium supplement that is recommended for individuals to enhance the health of their bones and prevent bone related diseases like osteoporosis.
The bones and the skeleton form the support structure of the body. Including teeth, bones are wholly composed of calcium. However, bones are not as solid as they seem. They are constantly reformed as calcium is removed and re-deposited in them continually. The chief sources of calcium for the body are dairy products like milk and cheese. If adequate levels of calcium are not maintained, the body takes it directly from the bones, thus weakening them.
Osteoporosis, which results from a life-long calcium deficiency, is a condition of reduced BMD (Bone Mineral Density). This make the person susceptible to bone fractures with the slightest of accidents. Osteoporosis is quite common in women post menopause. Health statistics show that millions of fifty-plus American men and women suffer from this bone disease. However, adequate supplementation of calcium from early years can decrease the risk to a large extent.
While 99 percent of bodily calcium is present in the bones and teeth, the remaining 1% is present in the blood and performs important activities. Calcium is a key factor that helps in neurotransmitter functions, blood clotting, and muscle contraction. It also stimulates certain hormones and enzymes that are in-charge of digestion of food and subsequent energy production.
Usana Active Calcium is not just a simple calcium supplement but is a clinically-proven bone building formula. Apart from calcium, it contains magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, boron and silicon which are essential for bone mineralization and metabolism. Vitamin D and silicon are especially important since they enhance calcium absorption and utilization in bone formation. Boron reduces the excretion of calcium and promotes its deposition on the bones while Vitamin K contributes to increasing bone density.
Usana Active Calcium constituents are all in bioavailable forms which are easily absorbed. They are manufactured under the strict purity and potency guidelines of U.S.P. They are available in a tablet form and are recommended for anyone above 7 years. However, for different ages, the dosage is different. Today's children tend to drink a lot of soda based drinks (instead of milk) which do not contain any calcium. Therefore, Usana Active Calcium is offered in the form of a tasty chewable tablet especially for children.
It has been clinically proven that supplementing one's daily diet with Usana Active Calcium effectively prevents osteoporosis and promotes long-term bone health and for an active and healthy life at all ages.

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