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By: Thomas Jacobsen

Nowadays, creating your own video is not a backbreaking task, as advancement in technology over the past few years has enabled even a layman to do it easily. All one needs is a digital camera to capture a movie with several features enabling you to insert special effects in it. The internet provides the opportunity to every person to publish personal and professional videos for literally the whole world to see. There are countless websites that permit their members to upload videos for free.

After capturing a video it is transferred to the computer so that it can be uploaded on the internet. Cameras from different manufacturers may have a different method of transferring pictures and videos on to the PC; therefore, consulting the camera manual is essential.

After successfully transferring the video file to your computer it may be in .avi format, which is sometimes not compatible for uploading videos on to the web. Therefore, you need file converter software so that you can convert your video into other formats. Different websites accept different file formats, but the most common are .mpeg, .swf and .mov. But there are many websites that also accept video files in .avi format.

In order to convert your video file from existing format to any other format, you'll require file converter software. Video files that have to streamed on internet in Flash format are considered to be the best, as Flash is compatible with most net users. As a video player is installed in most systems, the user does not have to install a compatible player to view your video. Mpg to Flash Converter is a useful file converter that offers many advantages to the user. It does not require you to be a rocket scientist to operate it and it offers the highest conversion rates to your websites.

Mpg to Flash Video converter transforms your video into Flash format that allows you to publish it easily. And by simply updating your webpage with HTML code you can upload it onto your hosting server, which will allow continuous streaming of your video. There are also many programs available that allow you to convert files to other formats, with each one having its own features.

An important point, which must be kept in mind while uploading a video file, is the speed at which it runs. If you try to upload a video of a big file size then it will take hours to download and until then the viewer will be gone. Therefore, compressing video files to smaller sizes allow quick streaming. Making your video a progressive download rather than an actual live streaming video will allow viewers to be able to see your video as it gets downloaded. This will ensure quicker results and will keep the viewer interested.

Adding quality videos is considered to be an effective method to attract more traffic to your website. Webmasters by using the right programs and employing effective techniques include quality videos that stream at a good rate. Inclusion of such videos interests a larger number of visitors and also allows you to elaborate your purpose easily.

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