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By: Gen Wright

More and more people are getting increasingly obsessive to ward off the ageing process. New phenomena called Human Growth Hormone has emerged as a hottest anti aging agent. It is supposed to do everything from muscle building to lowering cholesterol and shedding fat.

HGH is being touted as engineer of reverse ageing due to its ability to increase the muscle mass, and redistribution of body fat resulting in leaner appearance, improved immune system along with increase in height and growth in bones which is the primary function of HGH in human body.

HGH is secreted from the pituitary glands situated just beneath the brain and it regulates the basic metabolic activities such as anabolism and lipolysis. It is primarily responsible for increase in height and growth of bone during childhood and adolescence. It stimulates production of IGF -1 in liver which has a growth stimulating effect on wide variety of tissues. It increases calcium retention resulting in strengthening of bones. Body builders can aim to enhance the muscle mass and bone density as HGH supplements transport amino acid very fast for quick protein synthesis. It also helps in reducing body fat by using the process of triglyceride hydrolysis in the adipose tissue to burn fat.

As it has a direct effect on liver intake of glucose, it reduces the risk of diabetes. HGH contributes immensely in maintenance and functioning of pancreas and thus regulates the digestion as well. It also stimulates the immune system. So HGH helps in fighting the age related ailments by boosting the immune system.
As we move in to our thirties, the production of HGH reduces leading to physical problems we generally associate with ageing. This is exactly where the synthetic HGH steps in. It has been observed that HGH as an anti ageing agent reverses the change that would normally occur over a 10-20 year of aging period.

There are basically four types of HGH stimulants in the market namely Releasers, Spray, Supplements and Pills. Today HGH is used by the athletes and body builders alike with other steroids to improve performance. It must be underlined that despite all the benefits of HGH, it can have withdrawal symptoms and side effects if blended with steroids and synthetics. Ideally, this shall be used only with consultation of your doctor. He would advise if your body actually needs more of HGH or not to reverse the anti ageing effects.

HGH injections are probably the best method of HGH consumption. However, with the high cost of HGH injection therapy ranging from $3000-$5000 per month people have started turning to HGH supplements. This includes HGH sprays and pills. These types of hgh supplements have been very successful in increasing hgh production naturally in the system.

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