Up-Sell Services For Higher Revenues

By: Reema Bajaj

The target of every business firm is to boost the company’s profits by using different marketing techniques. Two of these techniques are Up-selling and Cross-selling. Up-sell refers offering the customer a product or service in addition to the product/service they are already purchasing. It is the marketing tool which is used almost in every sector like financial, health, banking etc. Up-selling services in a business are significant source of revenue and persistent growth for any enterprise.
In up sell services, customers are influenced to purchase the customized version of the original product they were originally going to buy. This eventually increases the total price. For example, the customer goes to the pizzeria for eating pizza but if the attendant lures him to take garlic bread or cold-drink as well. This is called up selling services. Company is aware that this is more beneficial and more economical to them than spending much money on the acquiring new clients.
The demand for up-selling services is greatly rising nowadays as more and more business firms are outsourcing their services to the call centres. Moreover, these companies are realizing that Up-selling services helps to generate more revenues for the business. It also helps in enhancing the conversion rates. Moreover, it helps in building long term relationship with customers. Some of its other business benefits are reduction in the business risks, increase in the business efficiency, growing customer loyalty & satisfaction. Up sell services are now adopted by almost all the companies to gain competitive edge over the others. There are certain guidelines that company need to follow while using the up selling services
· Offer some new range of products and services to the customers.
· Ask open ended questions to the customers
· While up-selling, mention the features of the product and service along with the benefits offered to thecustomers.
· Try to listen to the customers effectively and take out the conclusion of what they are trying to say.
· Try to assure the customer that they have made the good choice by purchasing their product/service
In order to achieve these, sales team should be proficient to up sell the product/service. Therefore, customer service agents have to be trained on all the aspects of selling services. They should have full knowledge of products and services so that they can up-sell to the customers. Though, they should not force the customer to purchase the products and services as the customer might get frustrated and give the wrong feedback. However, when the customers are presented products or services that are actually useful to them and they actually want, their insight of the company becomes more positive. The customer will realise that the company has taken the time to understand the client’s wants and needs and their perception.
The success of the company greatly depends on its relationship with the customers and on its ability to satisfy their expectations. So, there customer feedback is very important as  to ensure that they are satisfied with the service you provide.

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