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In 1968 the famous artist, Andy Warhol, coined the expression “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. It seems that since that day people from the world of art are still looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Today, there are many artists, all over the world, creating art without the appropriate recognition.
It is a known fact that the high quality oil painting reproductions are hand painted. What people do not know is by whom? While purchasing a masterpiece of a well known artist such as Mark Chagall is costly and not possible to most people, buying a handmade reproduction on the other hand can be very satisfying; from the visual art point of view.
These artists, that have graduated from art school and have several years of experience, are usually hired by large oil painting reproduction companies such as art4all.eu and other art galleries. This actually gives the unknown artist an opportunity not only to receive payment for his hard labor but also perhaps to introduce his name to the world.
Although the oil painting reproductions are not actually the masterpieces, they are however, true work of art. When one takes a close look at the replica painting, you can notice the details, the identical brush strokes and the imitation signatory style of the original artist. The more talented the artist, the more details he can add to the painting and create an identical replica.
While working for companies like art4all.eu, the unknown artists have an opportunity to establish their own name in the art world and sell their original work. When first starting out the artist would sell his originals from his home or studio but once he has established a name for himself it would be easier to sell the paintings at galleries. Original oil paintings, even of an unknown artist, are usually more costly than the massed produced art; however sometimes the investment can pay off. One can never predict if the unknown artists, that created your favorite original painting, will one day become famous and your painting will be worth a whole lot more money than the purchase price you had paid in the first place.
It is very sad to say that history shows that the vast majority of the most talented and famous artist, did not become famous until after they had died. Most of them even suffered of terrible poverty in their lives. History of artists shows that during the course of their lives most artist were not very successful at selling their paintings at shows and galleries, it was difficult for them to exhibit their painting. When a young artist is discovered on a local realm it is considered a success, so the amount of coverage that is required for a young artist to get exposed nationally and internationally is almost impossible and most definitely rear.
When purchasing an original painting by an unknown artist, there are some “symptoms”- signs that are visible that can predict if the artist is good or is he destined for greatness: does the painting transmit an emotion? Does the painting have some kind of meaning (even if the meaning is not understood)? Dose the painting fascinate you; force you to look at it? Is the subject matter unusual, or perhaps conveyed in an extraordinary way? If the answers to these questions are yes then it is possible that this painting has a great destiny ahead.
So, when buying an oil painting, don’t be discouraged by the name on the painting. Focus on the painting itself; the subject, the technique, the colors and shading in the painting. If this painting feels right for you when looking at it, you know you are making the right purchase.

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