Unearth the Interesting Uses of Flowers!

By: Titus Carpenter

Flowers play a vital role in making the life of a human being more cheerful and contented. They celebrate different emotions. As a symbol of love, happiness and renewal, people not only enjoy receiving these scintillating blooms, but giving this type of gift also helps them express empathy. However, these flowers not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a landscape. Their uses vary widely. From the decorations to accessories, food to possessing medicinal properties, it has ability to engage nearly every individual for the five human senses. This article will help you unearth some of the most interesting uses of flowers in our day to day life.

Flowers as food

Have you ever ordered a salad that comes garnished with pansies or rose petals? Well, these blooms not only appear attractive but also add a little magic to savories, salads, puddings and cocktails. They are edible and have a pleasant, mild taste. In late summer, you can actually visit a farmer's market to pick squash blossoms. It will make your dishes such as squash blossom quesadillas or stuffed squash blossoms with ricotta, more delicious. Moreover, you will find lot of edible flowers in the market such as hibiscus, rose, rose geranium, marigold, violet, calendula, mint, chive, basil, primrose, thyme, cherry blossom, zucchini blossom, jasmine, lavender, lilac, and nasturtium that can make your dishes appetizing. But remember, do not get crazy and poison yourself. Proper identification is a must!

Flowers – perfect present for every occasion

Flowers are considered as the universal gift. Thus, you will never go wrong with this present and irrespective of the reason, it will bring a valuable smile on the face of a receiver.

Send an attractive bouquet of flowers as a congratulatory message for a new company's opening ceremony, product launch, premier, achievements like getting good grades and winning an award. And how can you forget a wedding, anniversary or a birthday? In case you are confused with other gifts, a small and vibrant bouquet of fresh flowers are enough to win their hearts. When it comes to love, Valentine Day is on top. You can cheer up your girlfriend/ boyfriend with just a single beautiful flower. Apart from this, Mother's day, Father's day and Children's day can also be made special with a wonderful presents like flowers. Moreover, you can cheer up someone who is feeling depressed or unwell. These blossoms are also a creative and non verbal way of apologizing and saying 'I am sorry'.

Flowers for decorations

A refreshingly modern floral decoration can enhance a space with vibrancy. They brighten up the venue and bring positivity in the environment. The excellent designs and unique patterns add glitz and glamour to your entire event. They are visually appealing and pleasing to your eyes. It can make your special day more wonderful and memorable.

Other uses of flowers

Alternative uses for flowers wouldn't be complete without mentioning the poppy, which is used to make a drug called opium. Well, it is illegal to cultivate poppy. The other uses of flowers are to repel wildlife. Yes, if you find that your lovely vegetable garden is getting nibbled by wildlife, make sure to go on a natural route. Plant the wildlife-repellent flowers such as snow crocus, marigolds, allium and Kaiser's crown to repel squirrels, bees and rabbits. Flowers are also used to mask unpleasant odors. The essential oils of flowering plants such as lavender, jasmine and rosemary are used in making perfumes. The exotic flowers are also used for healing through aromatherapy.

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