Understanding the Logistics and Transportation Of Moving

By: Kaylene Deniston

The logistics and transportation industry includes many sub industries. By logistics we mean the system or the plan using which goods move from one location to another. This plan involves integration of a number of industries including transportation, packaging, information processing, warehousing and storage, and security.

If you are looking at moving house, then the logistics involved in the process will include much of what has been stated above. Your belongings will first have to be packed. Then they will be loaded on to a transportation mode chosen by you. They will be provided security during the process of transfer. They might be unloaded and stored in a warehouse for a certain period before they are finally delivered to your destination.

Which Are The Logistics And Transportation Decisions You Need To Take?

As an individual who wishes to move locations, you will first need to assess your packing requirements. You may choose to undertake this exercise on your own or appoint a packing and moving company to do this for you. Alternatively, you may choose to use portable storage units, also known as storage pods.

In the case of storage pods, the portable storage moving company wills delivery a storage pod to your house. You can then pack your belongings into this pod. These pods are rented out on a monthly basis so you are under no pressure to complete the task. You can pack at your own pace, and the pod which is usually parked on your driveway can be secured by pulling down its shutters. Typically, one pod can pack the belongings that would fit into one room.

On the other hand, if you chose a packing and moving company, their packers will come and pack all your belongings, They are very quick and efficient and will usually complete the task in a couple of days. They have a systematic method of packing and labeling boxes so that the task of unpacking is easy and hassle-free.

Choice of Transportation

You need to now decide the mode of transport you would like to use for moving your belongings. If it is an international move, then typically the goods are sent by ship. Most often for domestic transfers, road transportation is preferred.

If you have chosen to use a packing and moving company, they will have their own truck fleet or a fleet that they regularly use. Your packages, crates and cartons will be loaded on to a truck and will be delivered to your destination. If you are using storage pods, then, the moving storage unit company will lift these pods on to their trucks for onwards transportation.

Air transport of household goods is rarely undertaken as it is a very expensive. Small packages, such as documents, etc., can be sent as air cargo.

Once your goods have reached their destination city, then as part of the logistics and transportation exercise, your goods may be placed in a warehouse or a self storage unit.

Logistics and transportation are an important part of the moving process, and all cogs of their wheels need to work well together so that your property reaches its destination on time, and without any damage.

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