Understanding Boxers' Features To Help You In Your Purchase

By: Kyle Bunting

The superiority of the boxers over briefs or vice versa is always going to be up for debate. Some men prefer the tight fitting provided by the briefs, while others enjoy the loose comfort of the boxers. There is of course the option of the boxer briefs hybrid that intertwines features from both categories. The following article however, will not discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these styles. Instead, it aims to list the features that are most commonly found in Bjorn Borg boxers, regardless of the model. In other words, let's find out more about what separates the boxers from the other types of undergarments based on proprietary features.

First of all, Bjorn Borg boxers typically include the fly opening which is designed for the purpose of facilitating the use of toilets without having to take down the underwear. The fly is particularly useful when using the urinals in the public bathrooms. However, the fly opening of the boxer shorts is not entirely similar to the one found on jeans (it does not include a zipper or several buttons).

Instead, Bjorn Borg boxers are typically enclosed by a single button or using a side-over-side fabric system. Essentially, boxer shorts manufacturers seek to maximize the comfort and convenience levels. On a side note, statistics have revealed that few men (under 20%) favor the fly opening compared to the over-the-top method, especially for loose fitting boxers.

Next off, boxers have three basic styles of elastic bands. The elastic bands can either be encased in the fabric of the boxers, sewn internally or sewn externally (for logo display purposes). For the encased elastic waistband, the fabric of the shorts will come folded over it and this style is usually preferred by individuals who experience latex allergies, but the downside is that the fabric has a tendency of gathering. Internally sewn elastic waistbands eliminated this problem (the band is in direct contact with the skin) but is evidently not suited for allergic wearers. Therefore, the most commonly utilized waistband style is the externally sewn one, as it combines the advantages of the former ones and also constitutes an excellent logo space.

The hemline of the boxers is an important variable due to its impact on the overall aspect and visibility of the underwear. Boxers are regarded primarily as shorts, which means that they will inevitably provide coverage for the legs to a certain extent as well. As of such, sitting down would generate tension in the absence of a hemline slit. However, some models do not incorporate the hemline slit, but rather address this issue using a curved hemline. For boxer briefs, the slit or curved hemline is not present and the tension of the leg is resolved via the shape/grip combination of elements.

In closing, don't forget that regardless of the style of the boxers, the fabric is a critical variable in term of comfort and movement. Natural fibers (E.G. cotton, silk, etc.) confer the wearer an unmatched feeling of softness and they allow the skin to breath. On the other hand, polyester is regarded as more resilient and the cleaning is easier.

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