Uncanny But True Facts of a Modern World

By: Rammy Johnson

How many times during an ordinary day, do so many of us repeat actions even though they are illogical and irrational? Sometimes we might laugh when a friend commits such an error of judgment or just an action that cannot be explained. This article will focus on a combination of some of these actions. I have compiled a list of such actions that are so common that I would be surprised if every man or woman does not do at least ten of the following twenty. Don't believe me? Read and check for yourself.

1) How come when you close a glue cap the glue sticks but this same paste does not stick to the sides of the glue tube?

2) Sanity statistics has proven that one out of four people are insane or suffer from some form of mental disease. Think of three of your best friends. If they are fine, then you must be the fourth one.

3) Why do we press down hard on the remote control even though we know that the batteries are weak.

4) Watched old (and even newer descriptions in film) about Tarzan. If he is supposed to be living in the wild, what happened to his beard?

5) Switched those bulbs that are enclosed in tight plastic shutters? Have you noticed that whenever you go to do that there are always dead bugs inside? How did they manage to get there?

6) Why can't we ever manage to open a plastic bag on the first attempt?

7) Why, pray tell, do doctors just about to inject a prisoner with a lethal injection check that the needle is sterilized?

8) Why does a bank take interest on money when your account is overdrawn. From where do they think you are going to pay them? If you had the cash you would have used it, wouldn't you?

9) Why don't we ever hear jokes about father-in-laws?

10) When statistics claim that the sum of all the stars in the sky are about four billion, people believe it. But, when someone sees a sign on a park bench or board stating "wet paint", they must verify this?

11) Why do we return to the refrigerator and gaze in when we know that there's nothing interesting to eat inside?

12) Notice how bullets bounce off superman's chests, but the moment the villain throws the empty revolver, this same invincible superman ducks. Shouldn't the revolver bounce off his chest too?

13) According to those that swear by the theory of evolution mankind has only evolved from the race of the monkeys. If so, how come monkeys are still hanging around?

14) Why is it that when we try to catch something that is falling off a table, our hand knocks down something else?

15) Why did the Japanese kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

16) Use a vacuum cleaner at home? I do. But, explain to me why I move it over and over a piece of thread in the hopes that it will suck it in. Then, why do I pick up that rope, examine it and then place it back down and retry to suck it in using the vacuum cleaner?

17) A visit to one of the many soap shops that have sprung up all over and you'll find that soaps come in all kinds of colours. But then, why does the bubbles always turn out white?

18) Is it winter or summer wherever you are right now? Have you noticed that if it is summer we try and make the house as cold as it would be during winter, and if it is winter, we try and make the house as hot as it would during summer?

19) Is there any day when mattresses are not on sale?

20) When we go to the supermarket and someone hits our ankles with their cart and then apologize, why do we reply that everything is fine? Why don't we just reply, "that hurts, asshole"?

Uncanny facts and features are not novel. The fact that we humans have strange habits is not new too. But, I have pointed out some of the few irregularities that we live with. This article is for entertainment purposes alone and doesn't try and offend or create new realities. So, take it in the appropriate manner too.

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Actively seeking out the humour out of every situation, Rammy Johnson has nearly completed a book on how he played gin rummy at an online casino and lost a big bundle.

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