Unblocking Your Own Drains.

By: Susan Sportman

Blocked drains can become a huge problem if left untreated as the matter blocking the drain accumulates over time. Aside from the flooding problems it might create, it is the nasty smell a blocked drainage system emits that makes it unbearable not to mention the potential of a considerable structural damage in your home. It is a good thing there are tested quick remedies to this kind of situations.

Do-It-Yourself remedies:
The first thing you can do is to boil ample amount of water and pour it down the clogged drain. The boiling water may loosen-up and remove the obstruction as grease or wash-over foods are the usual culprits, and hot water is known to dislodge these substances. Use a plunger if the blockage is still there, it may need a bit of pushing for it to be removed.

Subsequently, pour caustic soda down your drain but be very careful in handling this chemical as it is extremely corrosive. Caustic soda is also known as soda crystals or sodium hydroxide in chemistry and it is very hazardous to health. It is recommended to wear protective gears like goggles and gloves when handling this type of chemical for your safety. A rigid wire may be of great help for stubborn and hard to remove blockage. Other drain cleaning chemicals can also be tried if boiling water and caustic soda failed this task.

Preventing a blocked drain:
It is a good practice to pour plenty of boiling water or drain cleaning chemicals at least twice a year down your drains to avoid the increase of grease inside the drain. But it is best not to wash grease down your drains at all. Bits of foods are another usual cause of blockage especially in kitchen sinks. Employ a sink plug or filter to block bits and pieces of food from going down the drain.

Disposable but large sanitary items are also contributors to blocked drains. Tissue papers and disposable napkins are classic examples, which when disposed through the drains will eventually be the cause of obstruction along the way. Furthermore, do not place solid items like bottles and plastic bags near the drain openings as they might fall into the drain.

Another good practice it to clean your bathroom’s plug holes of hairs and soap. These spent materials usually gather around plug holes in the shower area and washbasins. Lastly, check your drain gutters occasionally. See if the water is flowing or not. Clean them of anything that may lead to blocked drains.

Professional treatment:
If any of the above remedies did not work for you, it is time to call for professional help. There are several companies specializing on drainage systems, and their services range from building new drainage to fixing any associated drains problem. They can eliminate your drain blockages in no time as they have the proper equipment for such purpose. This option is worth considering as a major home damage can occur from blocked drains, and will cost you more if these things are taken for granted.

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