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By: Paul E Brown

With Christmas fast approaching, millions of people will be descending on high streets and shopping centres throughout the United Kingdom, looking for bargains and low prices on their Christmas presents. The same applies, to a lesser extent, throughtout the year on presents, clothes, food, actually, on just about everything.

If we take children as an example. They are constantly growing, needing a constant supply of new shoes and clothes. Traditionally, this meant the high street 'experience' of shopping with kids. It can be a very testing time with crowds, constant demands and frustrating when you can't find what you need

But, the face of British shopping is changing. People are no longer willing to pay inflated prices, or buy cheap imported clothing and shoes that only last a matter of weeks, if you're lucky. This article has been written to give you ideas for saving money on many things, not just kids clothing. Below is a overview of some of the ways you can find real bargains, especially in this time of the 'credit crunch'.

Charity Shops
Just about every high street now has at least one charity shop. These are excellent places to find all sorts of items, from designer clothing to a three piece suite. Prices do vary according to the charity, location and the quality of the merchandise they have available. A quick flip through the yellow pages will list most, if not all the charity shops in your area.

Car Boot Sales
These can be a treasure trove of cheap and good quality items. But, you do need to get to them early to bag the best bargains. Popular at many places, even abroad where there are large ex-pat communities, especially in Spain. Always remember to haggle, as the sellers usually prefer to sell what they have rather than take it home. Established car boot sales are usually easy to find through friends, but there are many 'one off' sales that take place at schools, scout huts and other venues, so check your local paper for announcements.

Classified ADS
Again you can get some real bargains. The author of this article recntly bought 3 laptops and two desktop computer systems for £125 from an advert. A local office was closing down, and everything had to go. it is best to get your local paper on the morning of publication, or as early as possible, and scour it for the things you need or want. Again, don't be afraid to haggle. they want to get rid of it and will usually come down on the asking price.

Recycling Centres
These are now popping up all over the country, and have all manner of items. They say one mans rubbish is another mans treasure, and this can certainly hold true for recycling centres. A great many of them are local authority operated, and so offer good value, and help keep council tax costs down! A quick call to your local authority will locate your nearest centre.

Online Stores.
These have been very underestimated. Many of the high street names now have an online store where they offer discounts on 'normal' shop prices, and sometimes free delivery. As sales fall, de to the recession, more discounts and offers are bound to come up. Online sales in the UK top £2Billion a year, and are steadily rising as people turn to their computer, rather than brave the weather, parking problems, crowds and dragging children on shopping expeditions. There are also many stores online that you wont find in the high street, these offer great prices and are well worth a look.

Most people nowadays have heard of ebay. You can find just about everything under the sun on their auction site, apart from perishable goods. They have searchable categories, are easy to navigate and easy to understand. You can pick up real bargains on clothing. I have seen crates of childrens clothes sell for less than £10. You do need to sign up for an account, but if you're looking to save money, it could be well worth your while.

I hope this article has proved useful for you, and that you can really 'find a bargain' out there. One thing to remember when buying is that the seller wants to sell, so always, always try to bargain and nine times out of ten, you'll get the price down a little more. Happy bargain hunting.

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