Types of Strap Clips

By: Lisa Mason

Identification cards are used in a variety of different ways and for many different types of companies and organizations. They are a great way to help enforce security and keep track of everyone that is on company grounds. This also makes it easier to ensure there are no visitors roaming around without an escort. Identification cards are very popular in schools, colleges, factories, hospitals, retail stores and government agencies. They create a more organized and professional atmosphere anywhere they are used. They are a great way to increase security and prevent anyone that does not have authorization from entering the facility.

To accommodate the needs of the many businesses and other institutes that use ID badges regularly, a variety of different types of ID cards and holders have been designed. Many were specifically created to suit the special needs of the companies that use them. Even with all the different designs that are available, there is one thing that all of them have in common and that is a way to attach the card to the holder securely. When it comes to this small but vital attachment, strap clips are the most commonly used.

Basic Design of the Strap Clip

The strap clip is a very simple but efficient design that can basically be described as a long strip of sturdy material designed with a clip on one end that attaches to your clothing, belt, pocket, etc. The strip is long enough to go through the slot on the ID card and fold back over itself. It has a sturdy snap that holds the strip together and secures the card in place. There are several different types and sizes of strap clips available for you to choose from. For example, you can choose between clear vinyl, mylar, plastic, nylon, reinforced and colored vinyl strap clips.

Since there are so many different ID card designs available, it stands to reason that there would be a variety of different strap clips available to fit different types of slots. For instance, some straps are made with flat snaps so they can fit through ID cards that are designed with narrow slots, in which a raised snap would not go through. Therefore, before choosing one of these clips you need to first take a good look at the type of identification badge you are using to make sure you get one that is compatible.

Benefits of the ID Badge Strap Clip

This device is simple and easy to use plus the ID card strap clip is durable and very efficient. Once the card is hooked and the snap is closed the identification card is securely attached to the strap and ready to be clipped onto clothing, belts or wherever it is most conveniently worn.

Strap clips are definitely one of the best inventions designed to enhance the efficiency of the ID card and holders. They help to prevent the ID card from being lost or misplaced by providing a simple yet ingenious way to secure the badge to the holder.

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