Tversity Media Server

By: Dustin Macheske

If you are looking to make your own home media server, then you have just found the right page. There are many different ways to setup up a media server, and also a lot of different devices that will receive streaming media from the media server.

The media server program that I will discuss in this post is called Tversity, which is like Windows Media Center, but only on steroids. Before I go into the technical mumbo jumbo, I am going to explain why Tversity is one of the best media server programs for a windows based pc. The main reason I like Tversity is because it is free, and just happens to be compatible with devices such as the Sony ps3, Xbox 360, DIRECTV h-20, and other DLNA compatible devices.

The first thing you are going to want to doing before setting up your media server is to uninstall all codecs that are currently on your media server pc. Codecs are pieces of software that encode and decode media streams, while using a compression ratio that will shrink the overall size of the file, without losing quality of audio and/or video. A few types of codecs are wmv, aac, mp3 etc… The reason you are going to want to uninstall all the codecs is because the preexisting codecs could cause you problems later on when you are trying to watch or listen to your media.

Anyways after you have uninstalled all the codecs on your media server pc, what you are going to do is install a codecs pack, which will translate your media that will Tversity to play your media files. I found out through trial and error that the best codec pack to install is CCCP, or Combined Community Codecs Pack. When you install cccp, keep everything at its default setting.

After CCCP is installed the FFDShow setting window will open, inside set your FFD Audio setting to 2/0/0 - stereo or 2.0 stereo, then click next.

The reason to do this because if you download .mkv files, you will be sure there won’t be problems with the audio. I also recommend downloading mkv2vob so you can transcode mkv files to an mp4 file format. After you install the combined community codecs pack, you are going to want to download and install the Tversity program. Again just keep everything at its default setting and complete the Tversity install. Once Tversity is installed, go to START -> run and type in “services.mscâ€, in vista you can find it under start -> Start Search.

Once services.msc opens, find Tversity Media Server and right click the file and go to properties. Once the Tversity media server properties opens click on the Log On tab and then click This Account.

For the user name, type in. /USERNAME,†This is the name you use when you log onto your pc that Tversity is installed on. After you set the user name for the log on account, click the apply button and close the properties window. Now you are back at the services.msc window go to the Tversity media server file and right click the files and click restart or start.

After you have done this you should be ready to setup the Tversity program. Once you open the Tversity program you are going to want to add media files into your media server library. To add files all you need to do is click the green + sign and add the folders and files that you want to be able stream.

Once you have added the files into your library, I find that it is best to restart your media server program. To restart Tversity find the icon in your task bar tray and right click it, then click on start sharing.

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