Turn Your Tippmann 98 Into The Ultimate Assault Rifle With Specific Mods

By: Mark Thandere

You can get accessories for your Tippmann 98 that can be found on a actual gun, and more. You can effortlessly modify it by adding mods that improve precision, look, and speed of fire.

You definitely do have your picking of typical accessories including which barrel you would like to use for your gun. This includes a flatline barrel, a 14" barrel, as well as a 16" sniper barrel. Bipods, stocks, electronic triggers, scopes, grenade launchers, handguards are several other upgrades you can attach to your Tippmann 98 marker. You can additionally purchase double triggers, scopes as well as remote lines. Not only Tippmann but lots of other companies are building these mods, plus are continually coming out with innovative accessories for your Tippmann 98 Custom.

However Tippmann Custom Upgrades have lately grown to turn into part of a set called the Platinum Series. This is because the Tippman 98 itself has been upgraded so that it can adapt the Platinum mods. These customized Tippmann Custom Upgrades involve a split receiver design; trigger pins, a power tube design, barrel porting, picatanny rails, a redesigned vertical front grip plus a sling mount end cap which allows players to fasten a variety of styles to their guns.

Just about all Tippmann 98 custom accessories come in at least three basic colors - green, silver and black. However you can find them in desert and snow colors and also in a lot of different versions of camouflage. Paint your own custom color design on your gun to separate it from any other on the field.

If you like to play speedball you can easily transform your Tippmann 98 for this. Just attach an e-grip trigger and you're ready. The Tippmann 98 Custom dismantles exceptionally quick making it simple to upgrade your gun with very little fuss.

In terms of Tippmann 98 Custom Accessories it is recommended that you go for the Flatline Barrel System as well as the Cyclone Feed system. The Flatline Barrel adds extended range to the 98c by creating a backspin on the paintball. The Cyclone Feed System, found stock on the A-5 as well as X-7, uses excess gas from firing to cycle a spinning mechanism that quickly feeds a paintball into the chamber after every shot. Both of these mechanisms go a long ways towards making you great at your game.

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