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By: laura duff

How many of us have got an hour glass figure but we do aspire to have a belly like a flat screen. A well toned and a flat tummy gives us a pleasing appearance and a good posture. Having said that, we also donít want to slog for long hours in a gym or go under scissors. As a solution to the problem of bulging and sagging tummy, tummy tuck shapewear has been launched in the market. As the name suggests it is a type of reshaping garment which compresses the tummy in giving a look of a flat tummy. It is worn inside the garment without getting noticed by others. So itís like secretly toning ones tummy. It is an instant way to get a desired body shape and hence, compliments from others.

Medically tummy tuck shapewear is also, used post surgery of the tummy. They are recommended by medical professionalsí world over after a surgery. Post surgery muscles of the abdomen require a firm support to keep lifted up. Also skin and muscles needs time to adjust to the new contour and recover from the scars. Medical support garments used earlier caused lots of discomfort to the user as they were quite heavy and made of not a very high quality fabric. Tummy tuck shapewear is made up from fabrics and materials which aid in fast healing. Few lines of shape wear have got sea kelp in the fabric which revitalizes the skin. Also, the shape wear has got fewer fixing points and seams which make it comfortable and easy to wear. The lesser seams help in preventing indentation over the skin. The shape wear supports the tummy after reconstructive procedure and plays a vital role in the healing process.

Since the function of a tummy tuck shapewear is to compress the tummy in, it is made from stretchable fabrics like spandex, lycra, latex hevea, cotton and nylon. Each has a different purpose. Spandex and lycra provide elasticity of the garment. They have the property to stretch 600 times their original length without breaking. So the garment made from lycra or spandex does not run out of size even after prolonged use. Latex provides firm support required in shaping garments. Cotton is used in the innermost layer of the fabric which leaves adequate scope for aeration and ventilation. Nylon on the one hand provides smoothness to the garment and on the other hand also saves the garment from the usual wear and tear. A lot of research has gone into devising a tummy tuck shapewear and the manufacturers closely work with the cosmetic surgeons who tell the exact need for such a garment and how they can be made better.

These shapers are not exchanged once bought due to hygienic reasons. It is therefore highly recommended that the customers check their sizing properly before buying them. Sizing chart is available with all the major brands selling tummy tuck shapewear. One can know his or her size by measuring around the bulkiest portion of the tummy and selecting the sizingís, accordingly. So, enjoy a fast and easy way to a flatter tummy.

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