Try These Divine Ice Cream Flavors

By: Nicholas McMillan

Ice cream is my favorite dessert food there is. Kids all over the world go crazy for ice cream, and I must still be a kid. My love for it hasn't faded since my childhood, and I'm not sure that it ever will. While I obviously try to watch how much I eat for health reasons, I have to eat some ice cream here and there. Something as simple as a cup of vanilla ice cream can make me perfectly happy.
Besides the classics, there are also plenty of newer ice cream flavors that'd be pretty easy to miss if you weren't getting it as often as I do. While I love the classics and they'll never get old to me (chocolate is still my number one flavor when it comes down to it), there are some great newer flavors worth trying out.
I've had a number of different ice cream binges this year. It's been a stressful one, and ice cream definitely helps out with that. I've spent a lot of my time trying out new flavors because I've read good things about them. Here are a few that really stand out to me.
The brown sugar flavor by Haagen Dazs is a can't miss. If you like something sweet, this is a great flavor that truly tastes like the brown sugar you'd use baking cookies as a kid growing up.
Then, there's the fleur de caramel, which is a caramel type ice cream with a salty flavor mixed in. It's really unique for an ice cream flavor, as few types of ice cream mix the blends of sweetness and saltiness.
This makes it really interesting, as the salty and sweet mix really hits the spot. I think you'll find this one to be very different from other ice creams that you typically try.
Sticky toffee pudding is another flavor that I truly find to be amazing. If you're a toffee lover, this will hit the spot.
Then there's one more, and this is made by Baskin Robbins. The name of the flavor is Oreo Outrageous, and it's just that. Lots of oreos, and it's absolutely outrageous.

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About Nicholas McMillan: While he's definitely an ice cream lover, he writes professionally about the Little Tikes Country Kitchen set, and the Little Tikes prep and serve kitchen.

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