Try Carbonated Fruit Juices

By: Dave Hodges

While I've always liked carbonated drinks, my favorite ones have been colas. I'm a big fan of anything that tastes like cola, and I really enjoy this sweet liquid treat.
As much as I love these sodas, I've come to terms with the fact that I need to put an end to the habit, or at least cut back on my intake. I'm getting more mature and I need to start treating my body well, and eliminating soda as a regular part of my diet is probably the first step.
You might be wondering why I don't just start drinking diet sodas, but I've never been a fan of things with chemicals in them. Even the foods I eat are mostly organic, as I really prefer the health benefits of eating natural ingredients. The same goes for my drinks.
I've tried club soda and while I do like it for the health reasons, I find it to be really bland. I need to be drinking something with at least a bit of flavor in it! Maybe not even soda, but something that at least tastes interesting to me.
The best replacement I've found for soda is something that I really enjoy the taste of. Not only that, but it's completely healthy. It's as healthy as eating a fruit itself, as hard as that may sound to believe.
While there may be a number of options in this drink genre, the best two that I've had are made by Fizzy Lizzy, and Izze, both of them with a nice variety of interesting fruit flavors. It's hard to say which is better because they're both great.
Both of these companies have pure carbonated juice blends that really do taste as if they're real sodas. With no added sugars of any kind, these are really like drinking a glass of fruit juice with some seltzer thrown into the mix.
If you're looking for these drinks, I'd simply check your local convenience store. I know that some of them are sold in Starbucks too, but the bottom line is they're all over the place. Try them out, you won't be disappointed.

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