Truths Every Health Freak Needs To Hear

By: Cristian Truers

Every once in a while you just have to vent. I had to get the following off my chest;
You can't spot reduce. If you could, people who chewed gum would have skinny faces and Jillian Michaels wouldn't have "kankles".
Stop telling us that all fat isn't bad like you just discovered penicillin. Calories matter: They always have, they still do and they always will. Creatine is still the best performance supplement on the market. The "next creatine" is still creatine.
Dear gym guy: Please stop doing the following; Bicep curls in the squat rack Any exercise other than the bench press on the bench press Resting for 8 minutes between sets and not letting others "work in" Leaving your weights all over the floor The "secret" to fat loss is good nutrition and hard work. That's it.
Don't ask me about intermittent fasting, macro-patterning, cyclical ketogenic diets or meal replacements if you aren't eating enough vegetables. Learn to prioritize if you can do 45 hard minutes on the elliptical while still easily belting out every song on your iPod but crumple under the weight of mauve-colored dumbbells - focus more on weight.
If you can bench press 350lbs (or could in high school) but can't walk up a flight of stairs without coughing up radial snow tires - mix in a bike ride or a hike in place of your 4th "chest day" of the week.
If you can put your knees in your ears - quit stretching and build some strength and stability. If you are "bench press guy" from above and have posture that would make Quasimodo cringe, add some mobility and postural work. (Sorry to pick on bench press guy again but) if you can bench press small buildings but can't deadlift your birth weight - try deadlifting. You won't likely be able to out-exercise a poor diet.
If you are losing weight by diet alone - you will look like a different kind of crap. Your way isn't the "best way" it just may be the best way for you. You can live a very healthy life eating both vegetarian and Atkins and most things in between provided you are eating healthy, mostly un/minimally processed foods that provide adequate nutrients.
The most likely reason you aren't getting results: Trying to "fix" something that requires a lifestyle makeover that starts with changing habits. Have a beef about health trends? Rant away!

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