Troubleshooting iPhone Lcd Screen

By: Joseph Garcia

Although you will come across here may informative articles and discussions that go on and on about iPhone Lcd Screen, yet you are always left with some nagging questions in your mind. Let us try to get an in-depth scientific analysis of iPhone Lcd Screen in this article.

The iPhone LCD screen has a normal display with a White LED backlight. Diagonally the screen is 3.5 inches in length and offers a medium resolution as well as 480x320 pixel density display. The screen Aspect Ratio is 1.50, which is inferior to 1.67 by the Nexus One. This is also lesser than the Aspect Ratio of the standard widescreen displays which is 1.78. As the inner particulars of the display technologies are very interesting, but our main concern here is to assess the actual image and picture quality that the iPhone Lcd Screen displays.

iPhone Lcd Screen allows us to steer various functions and features of our use. But what happens when the screen stops working or starts acting weird? What do you do then? Well, the first step is to not to panic. Read on to know more.

1) Check the iPhone Lcd Screen

Look at the careen closely and see if it is cracked. If you find it cracked, well, there is literarily nothing you can do except have Apple replace the device or send it to a repair specialist. In case the acre was cracked the first time you took the phone out of the box, you will be eligible for a warranty replacement. Btu any accidental damage is not covered under the warranty by Apple. In case the warranty period is over, you need to go to the repair specialist to set the iPhone Lcd Screen right.

2) If the iPhone Lcd Screen is not working properly

In case there is no damage or cracks and still the careen is not functioning properly, you need to start with a simple reset with your iPod/iPhone. Maybe your device has run out of juice, and you need to fill it up by attaching it to a power source.

3) If you see a folder icon

In this case it means there is a d has a software problem and you should try to restore your iPod.

4) If you see a sad icon

Well, you should never see this icon. In case it appears on the iPhone Lcd Screen, you should try to erase and rest the device.

5) Messed up Contrast settings

If contrast settings of your iPhone Lcd Screen are not working right, you should reset your gadget back to the defaults that will also include the Contrast setting. Let the battery exhaust all the way out and let the device sit overnight to be safe. Then the following morning, just charge the battery and turn the phone on. When you see a screen asking you to choose your language, just do so. If you see the "congratulations" then things are ok. If not then probably you need a new iPhone Lcd Screen.

If your device is still under warranty, you can always go to the AppleCare Support Page and look for all the options.

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