Tried Fast Weight Loss Diets and Been Disappointed? Here's Why

By: Graham Foster..

So your considering the possibility going on a fast weight loss diet? We have all felt this way at some time or another its just the way companies which sell weight loss pills and weight loss programs tell us it can be done.Perhaps you have been carrying a bit of extra weight for a few months now .Now finally you have said 'enough is enough' and now you want to work off that extra weight fast so you can squeeze in that your bikini for your vacation to hawaii this year.Whatever the reason, losing weight fast diet methods can be hard work.

I am not an advocate of fast weight loss diets for most people they can be too restrictive and many people have been know to become unwell losing weight to quickly.My view is that generally trying to lose weight over anything less than 2 weeks can be counter productive and may put you off trying to lose weight all together.

Whilst it might be desirable to try and lose weight very fast it is usually a very bad way of losing weight and keeping it off. Rapid weight loss by fast weight loss diets is probably the biggest reason for Yo-Yo dieting.

If you want to lose weigh fast, it's likely that you're going to have to make a restrictive and drastic diet change that will be hard to implement and even harder to maintain. This also means there's a good chance you will simply put the weight back on when you fast weight loss diet is over, or when you (inevitably) lapse from it.

A much more effective longer term solution is to make some basic but relatively easy changes to your life style and eating habits. Not only will this be much easier to stick at and a more effective way to lose 10 pounds or so but the weight you lose will have far more chance of staying off.

Usually people find the stress and restrictiveness of a fast weight loss diet program is just to much for them and with a requirement for exercise they have no hope of fitting in their daily routine.

The easiest way of adding exercise in your daily routine is to try and combine it naturally in your day to day activities. This might mean you ride your bike to work if possible or you may be park your car at another car park and walk the extra distance.

By biking to work you will not only be getting exercise and working towards your goal of losing 10 pounds, you will be saving money and doing a good thing for the environment. Try and think of other small changes in a similar vein: take the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a walk on your lunch break instead of sitting at your desk. Although these chances may seem small and suspiciously convenient, they will go along way towards losing weight.

The other more pro-active way to lose 10 pounds through a lifestyle change is to engage in more sports and athletic activities over a period .Take up a sport, or go hiking on weekends. The beauty of this is that these things are entirely recreational: you're having fun at the same time that you're losing weight.

It much easier to do something you enjoy doing with friends or family that working out alone at the gym. It's hard work at a gym and can be very boring and lonely unless you get involved in group activities and good choice is an aerobics class and step class or even a dance class. I don't think women especially find work out's at the gym fun and get bored pretty quickly and then give up.

Changes to your life style are not that hard to make and you should find they will be much more effective longer term than a fast weight loss diet which you will not enjoy and quit very easily.

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