Tribal Ocean Tattoo - Tips On Getting Your New Tattoo

By: Dean Olmstead

No doubt about it, tribal ocean tattoos are hot right now! Tattoos have a long and interesting history, and that applies to the history of tribal tattoos as well. Depending on the geographic region of the world, the placement of the body, the gender of the person and the design of the tattoo, tribal tattoos carry certain meanings.
In the Polynesian Islands throughout the South Pacific, tribal tattoos were used for many different reasons. On some islands, women would tattoo whatever their strongest talent was on their arm. Then men would choose a wife based on their talent. Some talents were more valued than others, so it was important to know what the skill in which they excelled.
In Japan tattoos usually represented being a member of a group of some sort. The Japanese Mafia, the Yakuza, tended to be very tattooed, although this has changed today. The Yakuza tend to not follow this practice any longer, in an attempt to be discrete. There are several other groups that were signified by certain animals, colors and body areas in Asia. Indeed, tattooing is still utilized by some groups of people today, be it criminals, bikers, sports teams, or gangs.
Historically tattoos were also used to denote status in a particular tribe. Some tribes believed that the tattoo they chose is what they would spiritually become during certain times. In New Zealand, tattooing the entire face was a popular way of indicating that you were a warrior, although this has changed in modern times, and typically members of the tribe now tattoo on other parts of the body.
What most people consider tribal tattoos today do not necessarily have a root in tribal history; rather it is just a cool design. The problem then becomes how to choose the type you want. The more authentic and original you are looking for, the more it is recommended that you skip the free searches and sites, and instead invest in a paid tattoo site. Considering tattoos are irreversible and expensive, it is a good idea to know exactly what you want.
Tribal tattoos today typically are solid black, and utilize lines, geometry, knots and animal symbols. Although some people may have chosen a particular design due to the meaning, chances are they just liked the design.
Good luck getting your new tribal ocean tattoo!

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