Tribal Alligator Tattoo - Tips On Getting Your New Tattoo!

By: Dean Olmstead

You have decided that the time has come to invest in some body art and you have your heart set on a tribal alligator tattoo. How do you find the right tattoo? Because a tattoo is more than simply a design it should represent who you are and be something you will be proud of in years to come. Unlike a poster that can be ripped off the wall tattoos are permanent so you want something that you will admire for a long time to come. Good tattoos also cost money and you don't want to spend all that money to turn around and spend even more to have it medically removed. If you see a design and aren't particularly sure it's for you, do not get it! You will know when it's the right one like a smack in the face it will hit you, Yes, this is definitely the one.
First timers especially will go to online search engines such as google, and others and look up designs. You shouldn't go for any of these as anyone has access to the same ones and you want your tattoo to be as unique as you are. Frequented search engines will deliver frequent designs. Checking a tattoo only website is a smarter idea. One that requires an actual membership is the best type as they are more apt to have something you are looking for or be able to custom create it for you for a fee. It's a small price to pay for something that will remain on your body forever.
Once you become a website member you will find tons of tattoo ideas and different styles. There is usually an entire section of tribal items including crosses if that's what you are really wanting. Pick out one that you really like and is really you and take a full color copy of it to the tattoo artist you intend you use. Let him/her know the differences you want or the changes you wish to make with it, let him know where on your body you will be putting the tattoo, what the tattoo should say about you, Etc. They will normally draw up a schematic of a design for your approval before actually beginning the tattoo.
You may also use the member's only sites to find a reputable tattoo parlor in your area. There may be a chat area where other members and tattoo lovers get together; they may have some good advice for you especially if this is your first time.
Good luck on getting your new tribal alligator tattoo!

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